Streetwear legend Nigo takes command in Kenzo

On Wednesday morning, LVMH appointed Nigo, the designer, record producer and founder of streetwear pioneer brand A BATHING APE, as Kenzo’s new artistic director. His first collection in Paris in the spring of 1970. Appointments feel smart to the fashion world. Fashion and streetwear have been dancing for a long time. If you feel like fate, go to Nigo.

“I was born the year Kenzo Takada opened his first store in Paris,” the 50-year-old designer said in a statement and posted on Instagram today. “We graduated from the same fashion school in Tokyo. I started my fashion career in 1993 when Kenzo joined the LVMH group.” Nigo opened its first store that year. It became Vape’s flagship store in Tokyo and led an era of streetwear enthusiasts soon heading to the Supreme store in Lafayette, New York. Nigo also became like the father of the scene’s affinity for collaboration, eventually co-founding the brands Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream with Farrell. Recently, he has become an important mentor for Virgil Abloh, a designer and current creative director of Louis Vuitton. Virgil Abloh is currently joined by Nigo under the umbrella of LVMH.

Kenzo unveiled its first collection at Paris Fashion Week in February 2020, with Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista, whose tenure at the brand has hit the COVID epidemic, and American design duo Humberto Leon. And take over Carol Lim. Opening ceremony for downtown-savvy retailers. “Their Kenzo” GQRachel Tasijan said this spring, “It emerged at the same time as the street-style boom. It’s a sleek graphic outfit that fits photographers’ lenses and is praised by people tied to their desks or glued to their phones. That’s what most people know about Kenzo. ”Although the financial strength of streetwear is declining again, there seems to be a trend in this inheritance process.

Kenzo news arrives months after Nigo collaborates with Abloh on LV² for the second time. This is Louis Vuitton’s capsule menswear line, featuring mod tailoring, kimono-inspired shirts, and the incredibly clean denim commitment of Japanese streetwear. After joining France’s luxury homes in 2018, Abloh chose Nigo as the first collaborator to create a sold-out collection that is a study of customized logo enthusiasts, making the LV monogram pattern the brand’s signature. Ported to Damier Checks. The success of their collaboration and Abloh’s recently upgraded gigs supporting the new brand at LVMH have undoubtedly paved the way for Nigo’s appointment.

It’s interesting how Nigo’s vision is transformed into womenswear, but when clothes are more genderless and established in the streetwear glossary, we’re certainly the right eco. I’m in the system. Perhaps here is the moment to look at Takada’s folk knitwear heritage, the brand’s delicious and voluminous 70’s and 80’s clothing catalogs. This is what I felt ready to move for comfort. And, frankly, the general state of mind that we all can probably benefit from these days. His appointment also brings a juicy promise of collaboration, in line with his connection with Abloh and Farrell. In fact, Farrell recently told the publication that Nigo operates with 200% creative abilities, including “100% taste, 100% curation,” and Farrell will support his friends this morning. , Nigo’s Instagram announcement “ASCEND !! Ascend! Ascend!”

Streetwear legend Nigo takes command in Kenzo

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