Still with the Cubs, Bryant returns to his lazy way

Whatever the future, Kris Bryant has given the Chicago Cubs a lot of production so far in 2021.

Brian has hit .303 with 10 home runs in 37 games and is second in the National League with an OPS of 1.032. It’s a pretty rebound after he hit .206 in last year’s pandemic shortening season. Brian was the subject of off-season trade rumors, but the Cubs eventually returned him to a $ 19.5 million deal.

Brian can become a free agent at the end of the season after disqualifying at the end of 2020. By the year he lost dissatisfaction claiming that the Cubs delayed his call as a rookie in 2015 to postpone his free agent.

Chicago certainly benefits from the fact that Bryant was still under the control of the team this year. Perhaps Bryant will be more successful in becoming a free agent months later than unfortunately after 2020. Despite his efforts, the Cubs are .500. They won NL Central last year, but changes are likely to occur.


Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo have also expired, and team baseball manager Jed Hoyer will be a key part of the team’s World Series titles in 2016 before the season. Said that maintaining was “unrealistic”.

Chicago starting pitchers have the worst mark in the National League, the 5.03 ERA, which has been suppressed so far for the Cubs this season. They should expect Kyle Hendricks’ performance on Sunday (once every eight innings) to be a sign of the future.

Pitching speaking

Only one baseball team has a worse starter ERA than the Cubs. It’s the 5.38 Los Angeles Angels. Mike Trout is once again great for Angel, and Shohei Ohtani already has a dozen home runs, but perhaps the most important thing from now on is the pitching side of Otani’s contribution.


Right-handed is 1-0 and ERA is 2.10, but with 5 starts, he only throws 25 2/3 innings and has 20 walks.

Trivia time

The Cubs drafted Bryant in second place overall in 2013. He won the MVP honor in the National League three years later. Which other future MVPs were drafted in 2013?

This week’s line

Arizona’s Eduardo Escobar defeated Washington 11-4 on Saturday, scoring two home runs and seven RBIs. It was a rare season for Escobar, who already has nine home runs but hits only 0.214.

This week’s comeback

The Cincinnati Reds beat Colorado 6-1 on Sunday, scoring four runs in that inning and adding another two runs on day 9. They won 7-6 and completed their comeback without hitting a Denver home run. In fact, Cincinnati scored a ninth tie-in-grand with a passing ball and a go-a-head run with a wild pitch.

According to Baseball Savant, the Rocky Mountains have a 98.8% chance of winning in the seventh inning.



Defensive shifts sometimes put players in an unusual situation, and that was certainly true on Saturday when Jason Heyward of the Chicago Cubs hit a pop-up on a foul ground near third base. Detroit catcher Eric Haase was able to hit the best shot with the ball in the long run and then dive catch on the left side of the coaching box on third base because the third baseman wasn’t playing in the normal place. It was.

Trivia answer

Cody Bellinger was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fourth round of 2013. He won the MVP in 2019.


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Still with the Cubs, Bryant returns to his lazy way

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