Steven Spielberg’s production company signs a deal with Netflix

Netflix said in a press release that it has signed a partnership with global film and television studio Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners to cover several new films each year.

The moment Spielberg and Netflix Co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Salands began the discussion, “It’s good enough that we had a great opportunity to tell a new story together and reach our audience in new ways. It was clear. “

“This new path in our film is incredibly fulfilling to me as it embarks on with Ted, along with the stories we continue to tell with Universal’s longtime family and other partners. And I can’t wait to get started with him, Scott, and the entire Netflix team, “Spielberg said in a statement.

“Growth was shaped by his memorable characters and stories that have been lasting, inspiring and awakening,” said Spielberg, who called Spielberg “creative foresight and leader.” ..

Amblin Partners is not only behind Spielberg’s iconic films such as Academy Award-winning Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, but also “almost famous,” “cat,” and “American Beauty.” I also make movies such as.

Spielberg’s production company was recently involved in the Academy Award-winning Green Book and 1917 and collaborated with Netflix in the Academy Award-nominated The Trial of the Chicago.

Netflix and Anviln are currently collaborating on Bradley Cooper’s conductor Leonard Bernstein in the movie Maestro, written and directed by Bradley Cooper. According to Netflix, this movie is in pre-production.

Ambilin made movies for other streaming services, but Spielberg was rumored in 2019 to change Oscar’s rules primarily to block movies streamed online. The filmmaker set the record straight.

“I want people to find their entertainment in any form and way that suits them,” Spielberg said in an email to the . “Big screen, small screen — what really matters to me is a great story, and everyone needs access to a great story.”

Steven Spielberg’s production company signs a deal with Netflix

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