“Step Up” Revenue Following Shade, Returning to Kenya Moore to Draw Sidra Claps


After Kenya made dubious comments about Drew’s financial position, the co-star of “Atlanta’s Real Housewife” exchanged insults on Twitter, even calling her “broken b *** h.”

Drew Sidora And her “Atlanta real housewife“Co-starring Kenya Moore There were fierce online spats over money. They exchanged insults on Twitter after Kenya made dubious comments about Drew’s financial position and even called her “broken b *** h.”

It started after Kenya replied to a fan tweet, “Did you really talk about the 2006 movie box office to prove she’s rich?” Kenya replied to the tweet, “Drew needed a husband to buy his first home at the age of 35. During that time, I owned more than one from the age of 26 and bought them in cash. Their receipts # Check RHOA # brokenitchbehavior. ”

She continued her claim by sharing a screenshot of Gross, which the film reportedly won. “Don’t Drew lie? I thought she said $ 400 million at the box office Step up Since 2006, “she said, the film made only $ 65 million domestically and $ 114 million worldwide. Feeling trivial. ”

In the tweet, she also added a hashtag that “broke the behavior of b *** h” and urged Drew to “ask for help.”

Drew returned to Kenya and tweeted, “Kenya has no choice but to do everything alone. # BossB *** h or # LonelyB *** h.”

As one wrote in an Instagram comment, some fans agreed with Drew. Another said, “If Kenya paid so much attention to Mark … a man! What a marriage this is!” Someone claimed that “Kenya is taking too long and I’m crazy about draws.”

One user accused Kenya of being jealous of Drew. “Kenya got angry because she went to hire the wrong husband. She was very miserable and had children every time you got married, but still very unhappy and told your husband in every other mf episode. It’s blocked, “said the person.

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