Stella McCartney Calls Taylor Swift’s Request “Evermore” Styling “Precious Gift”

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Through posting on social media, fashion designers admit that they were asked to design a “cardigan” singer’s wardrobe for the cover shoot of their second surprise album in 2020.

AceShowbiz -Fashion designer Stella McCartney finds the design request “incredibly special” Taylor SwiftA wardrobe for the cover shoot of her new album “Evermore”.

The star is a close friend, and McCartney was approached by Swift to collaborate on her secret project, which pop superstar dropped on Friday (December 11), just hours after the album was released. I am honored to do that.

“Evermore” is Swift’s second surprise release in 2020, following the launch of “Folk Roar” in July, and McCartney taps to reflect the airy atmosphere of the artwork that accompanies the music. it was done.

“Stella is very creative,” the singer was furious with fans when she attended a YouTube Q & A session leading up to the premiere of her “Willow” video on Thursday night.

“I told her there was a secret project, and she designed the clothes as I imagined. I drove to her office, picked them up and took them to the woods. !! ”

McCartney admits that the process of designing custom wear, including a single-breasted check coat and a fake shirring lined denim jacket, was fairly straightforward as he was so familiar with Swift’s style.

“It’s a valuable gift when a friend comes to you and explains that she needs help in finding styling and work to reflect her new secret project,” Brit wrote on Instagram. I am. “Creating a collection was easy. It’s a rare moment of warmth and peace in an era when friendship is more important than ever.”

“Knowing someone makes it easier to make something for them,” she added. “Thanks to Taylor, everything happened so naturally. The work I made reflects the effortless feelings of her album. Complementing the work of a friend is rare and valuable, and It feels incredibly special. ”

“Evermore” was not Swift’s first fashion effort with McCartney. They collaborated last year (19) on a clothing line inspired by the music of pop artists.

Stella McCartney Calls Taylor Swift’s Request “Evermore” Styling “Precious Gift”

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