State leaders push for school safety, plus police teams

TEXAS – Although there are some bipartisan talks on arms reform in Congress, state Republican leaders continue to avoid any gun-related restrictions. Instead, they are pushing to improve school safety and fund campus police.

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott ran an active shooter training center to provide training to all Texas school districts. Texas State University’s ALERRT Center is recognized as the gold standard in the FBI’s active shooter response training.

“The answer and how to respond to these incidents is crucial,” said Greg Shaffer, a retired FBI agent and founder of the Shaffer Security Group. “[But] We need to do more on the preventive side of things. “

Shaffer says preventative measures could mimic how schools protect against fires, with regular drills and special equipment. He adds that things like more cameras, so police can more easily find a shooter, and teachers ’panic buttons, could make all the difference.

“Right now we are teaching all the kids to stay in the classroom. In my world, if you’re in a shootout the first thing you want to do is run away, “Shaffer said.” So there are so many things we can do that we’re not doing right now. ”

Abbott said training should begin before the next school year begins. This comes after he recently requested a full safety review of Texas public schools, including random and unannounced safety checks.

And on Friday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked to spend $ 50 million to buy bulletproof shields for school police.

“This simple solution can start right away,” he said in a statement. “If all law enforcement responds had bullet shields last week, they may have been saved.”

However, Patrick’s request requires the approval of the Speaker of the House and other members. And on Monday, House Speaker Dade Phelan seemed willing to suspend that request. While acknowledging that the shields “may be part of the solution,” he said in a statement that the House will wait until the investigation into the shooting is done.

“While discussions are underway at the Texas House on how to respond to the school shooting in Uvalde, there is also ongoing research on the details of this horrific event, and we will be using those findings to determine how state resources should be allocated if we have to prevent another tragedy like this from happening, ”he said.

And some experts have questioned the effectiveness of the idea altogether. Shaffer says bulletproof shields would not make a difference in Uvalde.

“Shields are not going to help if they are not going to respond,” he said. “It’s a great tool to have, but it’s certainly not a panacea or the answer to this problem.”

The order of the school police chief to delay the sending of officers to the classrooms where 19 children and two teachers were killed is under investigation.

State leaders push for school safety, plus police teams

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