Stacey Abrams launches second campaign for Governor of Georgia

Atlanta – Georgia Democrat and voter Stacey Abrams said Wednesday that he would launch another campaign to become the first black female governor in the United States.

Without fierce competition in the Democratic primary, the announcement could set a rematch between Abrams and incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Their 2018 contest was one of the narrowest decided races for the governor of the year and was dominated by voters’ allegations of oppression denied by Kemp.

Still, Abrams’ powerful show convinced Democrats that Georgia should no longer be revoked as a Republican home. Her achievements and subsequent organizations persuaded Joe Biden to make a large investment in the state in 2020, and since 1992 he has become the first Democratic presidential candidate to win it.


In the 2022 Governor’s election, were these benefits a temporary phenomenon caused by the discomfort of then-President Donald Trump, or a more important political change in the rapidly growing and diversifying South. Test if it marked the beginning of.

In a video announcing her candidacy, Abrams said, “Opportunities and successes in Georgia should not be determined by background or access to power.”

“We will provide leadership that knows how to work, leadership that is not responsible and unreliable, understanding the real pain people are feeling, and having a real plan,” Abrams said. Is the Governor’s job and is to fight for Georgia, one of the states of Georgia. “

Kemp said in a statement that Abrams was participating in an “endless power campaign” in an attempt to become president, linking what he said to the “failed Biden proceedings.”

“Her far-left agendas for open borders, gun confiscation, high taxes and law enforcement policies do not reflect that we are Georgians,” Kemp said.


In a state where Democrats relied on black voters to gain power by appealing to older white moderates, but failed, Abrams ran as an apologyless progressive in 2018. The 47-year-old Abrams upheld the right to abortion, accepting the increased access to Medicaid, which was rejected by a series of Republican governors.

Georgia remains narrowly divided, and voters often reject the presidential party in the first presidential election. But by abandoning the nod in centristism, Abrams is a recent transplant to the booming Atlanta region of the Democratic Party, black voters who did not participate in previous elections, and a younger and more liberal. It claims to be able to attract new voters, including white voters.

Kemp defeated her with 1.4 percent points, but Abrams won 778,000 more votes than former Democrats to run for governor.

Abrams rebelled in the face of the 2018 defeat and recognized Kemp as the winner, but decided to concede the race because of a “serious mismanagement” in his role as Secretary of State overseeing the election. Rejected. She implemented a “perfect match” policy for Kemp to use his office to aggressively wipe out the role of inactive voters and check the identities of voters who have left thousands of registrations, and the results. He accused him of taking other steps to lean in his favor.


Kemp has repeatedly denied cheating.

After the election, Abrams raised more than $ 100 million and launched Fairfight, a state-wide political organization that enrolls hundreds of thousands of new voters in Georgia. The state recorded record turnout in the 2020 presidential election and the January Senate election.

Now Abrams and Kemp seem to face a rematch in a new political climate. For one thing, Kemp, from Trump and his most loyal Republican supporters, did not support the former president’s unfounded argument that he was fooled by a large fraudulent vote, including Georgia. Facing the opposite. Election officials recounted three times in the state, each confirming Biden’s victory.

Trump, who campaigned for Kemp in 2018, is currently one of the governor’s loudest critics. The former president held a rally in the state in September, calling on former US Senator David Perdue to oppose Kemp and ironically suggesting to the crowd that he prefers Abrams to the incumbent governor.


Since then, Perdue has personally consulted with key Republicans about the possibility of bidding, and in a radio interview last month, “Many people are in power … in 2020, they weren’t. I feel like I’ve fallen into a lot of things. ” A reference to Kemp’s refusal to overturn Biden’s Georgia victory.

Denial of Kemp’s problem in Georgia’s election results did not prevent him from pushing for restrictive changes in voting law in response to Trump’s 2020 national defeat. Many Democrats are concerned that Georgia’s new legislation, which gives Republican-controlled legislatures more control over election authorities, will overturn Abrams’ long-standing fight against voter oppression. Yet other Democrats hope that the new voting law will rejuvenate supporters and make them even more determined to go to vote.

Abrams took advantage of voting concerns to mobilize Democrats and told the Associated Press in April that “Republicans are afraid to lose elections and are abusing the system.”


Republicans, meanwhile, have attempted to gain an edge by using the prospects of Abrams’ candidacy to revitalize voters. Earlier this year, Kemp’s allies preemptively formed a group called Stopstacy in 2022, with the sole purpose of preventing her from gaining governor.

Abrams faces vulnerabilities in several respects. Her national status may raise the question that she is ultimately more interested in seeking a higher status than running a state. Republicans have tried to blame the Major League Baseball’s decision to withdraw the All-Star Game from Atlanta last year in opposition to a restrictive new voting method, although Abrams repeatedly discouraged boycotts.

From now on, she is part of a growing contingent of black women seeking offices throughout the state.

Deirdre DeJear has announced a Democratic nomination candidate for the Governor of Iowa. In Florida, Democrat Val Demings is running for the Senate. In North Carolina, former Senator Erica Smith and former Chief Justice Cheri Beasley are competing in the Senate Democratic primary.


And in Virginia, Winsome Sears was elected Vice Governor of the Republican Party.

But no one has the national status of Abrams.

Since 2018, Abrams has been named to Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. She was featured in Vogue and interviewed in a podcast by the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess. She wrote two books, including a legal thriller. She has started a tour that speaks 12 cities. She considered running for president in 2020 before finally deciding to oppose it. When Biden was nominated, she lobbied openly to become his running mate. And it finally went to Kamala Harris.


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Stacey Abrams launches second campaign for Governor of Georgia

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