Spurs Dance Usher excited to return to the stand

San Antonio – Eric Bird was fired from two jobs last year, was involved in a car accident, and is still upset by the damage caused by the snowstorm.

“It was hard, but I did it. We just keep going,” says Bird. “We had to keep coming and going.”

That’s all he can do – keep moving forward. He started his job at Wal-Mart, but even that job he couldn’t hide his celebrity.

“They will look at me and say,’Are you a dancing guide?'” Says Bird.

Bird is famous for dancing in Spurs games while working as Usher in the city of Alamo, and after a year’s break he is ready to return to the stand.

In the beginning or month, Spurs reopened the AT & T Center for fans with a limited capacity of 3,000.

Last Thursday, Bird fixed his tie in the mirror and prepared for another Spurs game. He snatched the vest from the hanger on the doorknob and grabbed the badge hanging from the string.

“When they spotlight me – when they spotlight me,’Oh, is it my turn?’ Get ready,” says Bird.

As Bird prepares to leave his home on the East Side, he is greeted with a family photo. The spring season is usually difficult for Bird, as it reminds him of the loss of his sister Myrtle three years ago.

“I miss her too. She was a very kind sister. I have her in my heart, so I’m going from there,” says Bird.

Bird hopes to witness another Spurs Championship season, but said he intends to win or lose or provide some joy to his fans.

“I’ve never thought of doing something like this, but hey, make them happy and make me happy,” says Bird. “That’s what keeps everyone happy.”

Spurs Dance Usher excited to return to the stand

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