Sports reporter fights for scoop

Shams Charania, NBA Basketball Reporter

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group Stadium

Shams Charania’s main job is straightforward. Breaking news of the National Basketball Association. It’s not a new profession, but historically it wasn’t a particularly lucrative profession.

Social media and legalized mobile sports betting have changed the game.

First tweeting news of trade, free agent signatures, injuries, or executive changes is itself a kind of esports, and information reaches millions of followers instantly. Twitter’s NBA fans, named Charania, are just as intimate with Adrian Wojnarowski, known as Woj, a former Yahoo Sports colleague who is currently contributing to ESPN.

During the NBA’s off-season, or as the deal closes, players change teams at lightning speed, and one of the two reporters almost always breaks the news. Comments on their tweets have come from thousands of people, and the general public maintains their scores.

Wojnarowski’s scoop even has its own Monica called the “Woj Bomb”.

Fans who take too much time will post a video of Super Impose Voinaroski, dunking to Carania also vice versa. Carania said she wasn’t paying attention to the comments.

“I’m just blindfolded like that,” Carania told CNBC in an interview this week. “I strive to have tunnel vision, so I can only focus on my work every day.”

Sports broadcast personalities such as Craig Kilborn, Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons and Robin Roberts have relied on charisma to earn millions of dollars in developing popular television, radio and podcasts. However, the 7-digit salary has historically been a breaking reporter.

However, Charania, Wojnarowski, and ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter are currently the most popular products in sports journalism, all of which will have heavy paydays. Each reporter’s contract will end in 2022, according to people familiar with the issue of not being named for confidentiality.

Wojnarowski and Schefter are reportedly already making $ 2 to $ 3 million a year on ESPN. Both declined to comment on this story. Carania refused to comment on the details of his contract.

The race has begun to figure out who is moving and where they are going.

Millions of followers

Interest stems from the presence of their towering social media. Charania has 1.4 million Twitter followers, Wojnarowski has 5 million followers, and Schefter has a whopping 8.9 million followers. About 3 million people follow Ian Rapoport on the NFL Network.

Adam Chefter

Scott Murin | CNBC

Captive audiences are of great value. A gambling company that is expanding its business by relying on its growing customer base He reportedly agrees with the idea of ​​hiring major media names.

Caesars Sportsbook has already seduced former ESPN personalities Kenny Mayne and Trey Wingo to create and distribute sports betting content.

But those guys aren’t breaking news reporters. Finding information first and tweeting it to a large audience is a very different skill. It’s almost mechanical. The value lies in speed and accuracy, but opinions and humor can get in the way and distort information.

“When you’re legally gambling, all the information is important, and the timing of the release is important,” said Bryan Curtis, editor of The Ringer, who has been tracking sports media for decades. increase. “News breakers will continue to gain more power than our others, to the extent humanly possible.”

Carania’s fame is 27 years old, which is especially impressive.

Almost 10 years ago, while studying at Loyola University in Chicago, Carania began digging into the NBA news. He started writing a small basketball blog called RealGM.As a freshman, Carania began to build relationships with Fringe Chicago Bulls players and break small stories about them. Sign a 10-day contract.

Cubs reporters began driving to Milwaukee when the Bulls denied qualification for the Carania match because they were still college students. Bucks was in the smaller media market and had him cover the team every day.

In 2014, in his second year at Loyola, Carania won his first big scoop.He then reported the Bulls Forward Luol Deng was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for former All-Star Center Andrew Bynum and Draft Topic..

“I was definitely excited about the heart race,” Carania said. “It was refreshing. Still so.”

Charania’s first tweet drew congratulatory comments from many senior sports writers. Voinaroski called him “the best young reporter in the industry.”

A year later, as he continued to study, he received a report of Yahoo’s work with Wojnarowski. He soon began to build his reputation by breaking news about large-scale transactions.

In 2018, a year after Wojnarowski left Yahoo for ESPN, Charania joined The Athletic and Sinclair Broadcast Group’s stadium.

Monetization of breaking news

With millions of fans nailed to every tweet, there’s a lot of pressure to be first and foremost. One serious error can undermine your credibility, especially from those who are betting money on information.

“It must always be accurate and true information,” Charania said. “If you do anything else, it feels like everyone is failing.”

For everyone, carania means not only people but also corporate sponsors.Carania It is currently appearing in AT & T 5G ads that emphasize the speed and reliability of the network. This is the most important characteristic for his success. This is part of a one-season partnership between AT & T, the stadium and Charania.

T-Mobile launched a similar campaign in 2018 with Wojnarowski and Schefter, and Samsung continued its TV spot featuring two ESPN reporters.

My job is grind. Luncheon with Charania means a series of texts and a continuous five-minute break from the phone, said Chris Reina, a former RealGM editor for Charania.

Shams Charania, NBA Basketball Reporter

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group Stadium

“I think Voy has kids, but I don’t know if anyone does this job on the duty of the kids and their families,” Reina said.

The rise of sports breaking journalists highlights the growing importance of data and information in the 24/7 digital world compared to the days before Talking Heads dominated television news.

Ringer’s Curtis attributed this change to fantasy sports, Twitter, and the “nationalized sports fandom.” “Legal gambling will complete the process,” he said.

The $ 550 million sale of athletics to the New York Times last week is the latest chapter in the story. The Times wants to embrace athletic data-driven analytics. The focus of athletics was on print journalism and podcasts, rather than video, which has historically been of great value due to its high advertising rates.

Breaking news via Twitter and other social channels is becoming more important as traditional pay TV loses millions of subscribers each year and young consumers are looking to social media rather than cables. It is increasing.

“The world we live in now is completely different than it was five, six, seven or eight years ago,” says Charania. “Social media is the way we reach people. Thanks to Twitter, people can see my work and identify with me, and I was able to win an audience. Fortunately do this job now. “

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Sports reporter fights for scoop

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