Spain’s Armada has reached an early point in the Ryder Cup

Sheboygan, Wisconsin. – Sergio Garcia kissed the crowd. Jon Rahm couldn’t stop smiling. It was all part of a high five, backslap, and magical morning for the latest iterations of the Ryder Cup Spanish Armada.

Oh, how easy is it to find great chemistry when all those putts keep coming in?

Ram made a 99-foot-equivalent birdie putt on Friday’s front 9th, and Garcia pushed a 24-foot birdie home at number 15 to end a 3: 1 victory over Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. Ryder cup.

The Foursome victory marked Garcia’s 23rd victory over his renowned Ryder Cup career, comparable to Nick Faldo’s record.

“What I had to do was hopefully make some putts and not get in the way of him,” Ram said.

If Captain Padraig Harrington’s mission was to send an early message by stiring the memories of the late Seve Ballesteros, Europe’s most exciting Spaniard, he struck a mark. But if the electricity generated by Ram and Garcia was expected to resonate throughout the course for Europeans, well, that didn’t work. The Spaniards created the only morning walk match in Europe with cool and soothing Whistling Straits.


“This is the first session. Many good things can still happen,” Garcia said.

Many good things were done in their match.

This was the first pairing in the Ryder Cup between these two Spaniards. It has become the same company as Ballesteros, Manuel Pinero, Jose Maria Orazabal and Miguel Angel Jimenez. All of these formed a version of the Spanish Armada dating back to the 80’s.

Garcia has made her 10th appearance in his most beloved event, and Ram has won first place in the world rankings in his second Ryder Cup.

The magic began shortly after Garcia dug an approach shot from the native area in front of the 4th green on par 4. Ram read 58 feet across the hills through the swamps. It went for a birdie, Ram pumped his fist, and the Europeans had their first lead of the day.


Ram created a series of birdie putts (7th 12ft and 8th 15ft) to extend the lead to 3. The four major championship winners won six birdies with nine fronts. Spieth and Thomas made four birdies in 17 holes.

“If we could bet something about who would make more putts, we would bet,” said Spieth, who fell into a 3-2 lifetime when paired with Thomas in the Ryder Cup. “But we caught a lot of lips and they made about 150 feet with a putt. We caught a circular saw.”

If there was any doubt about the match, Garcia slammed a long-distance putt into the home, giving the Spaniards a three-hole lead and finishing on the 15th green with three holes remaining. He kissed the crowd and celebrated.

“It’s always great,” Garcia said. “We went there and did what we had to do with a very difficult American couple.”

The couple kept fighting.

After Thomas’s tee shot caromed the mound on par 3 17th and slipped under the green into the native area facing Lake Michigan, Spieth found his foothold on a huge downhill. The wedge sky was blown high. He lost his balance in the follow-through and actually jogged to Lake Michigan before regaining his foothold.


The ball fell to the green, but the Americans were still away. Thomas was unable to convert the 9-foot putt, shortly afterwards the team shook hands.

“It was a (hall) situation where the first one won, and we just took a really tough break there,” Spieth said.

Worst Break — Pair with the new Spanish Armada.

“I … when I put in the gear, I felt like I was playing almost perfect golf,” Ram said.


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Spain’s Armada has reached an early point in the Ryder Cup

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