Sister recalls calling Juan Lopez during his murder

Juan Lopez’s sister remembers several men telling her brother to give her the key. Then she heard at least five gunshots and her brother begged for his life.

East Point, Georgia — The night after Thanksgiving, 29-year-old Juan Lopez was calling his sister while receiving cash at an ATM in East Point. It was a 17-minute phone call that was able to answer her about who killed her brother.

“It was just a regular phone call … and then I just asked,” Companion, cough the key. Give me the key. ” And my brother was like, “I’m not a companion, don’t give me this.” Then I remembered Juan’s sister who wanted to be anonymous for safety reasons.

At around 6:30 pm on November 26, she last talked with her brother and best friend.

“I heard them run over my brother and his body fell. He was begging for his life,” he said.

She remembers hearing several gunshots and multiple men on the phone. She says her brother was always talking on the phone using Bluetooth, so the voice was heard well.

His sister kept listening carefully, looking for clues as to where this was happening and who could do it. She got into the car right away and yelled at her father.

While driving, she noticed that the crime scene was just minutes from her home, near East Point and Washington Streets.

“When I saw Juan … Juan was already dead,” she said. “He wasn’t moving. They ran on his head and belly … and his head was open. They didn’t cover his body. The ambulance turned on the lights. did not.”

According to East Point police, Juan was shot by one of many, who left the scene in a silver car.

Investigators say nothing about the suspect, except that he is “depicted as a few men.”

Juan’s eight-year-old sister and wife believe that the suspects involved know him, but their big question is why do this to him.

“He didn’t smoke or drink, he didn’t have a crazy party life. His party was a family,” his wife said.

Painting, joking, and having just given birth to a baby last year, Juan worked six days a week. He took off with his family for three days during Thanksgiving week.

He leaves a one year old and a loving family. He dreamed of growing his family further. Juan and his wife have been dating for 14 years and were high school lovers.

“If I ever win the lottery with him, I definitely did,” she said.

Juan would have been 30 years old in December. Now they are raising money to send his body to Mexico, where he is buried next to his grandparents. Click here to donate.

The East Point Criminal Investigation Department requires anyone with information about this case to call 404-761-2177.

Sister recalls calling Juan Lopez during his murder

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