Sia defends portrayal of autistic characters in a new movie

Sia defends the next movie, “Music,” after being criticized for casting an autistic character. Fans and activists said the role should have been left to the autistic actors and called casting the autistic community an aggressive and misrepresentation.

The singer wrote and directed the following drama film starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler. This movie is the story of a new and sober sister who is having a hard time caring for her non-verbal autistic sister. Best known for her role in “Dance Moms” and many of Sia’s music videos, Ziegler starred as an autistic girl who uses her music to talk to others.

The movie trailer was criticized shortly after it was released on Thursday. In response, Shea explained that the film was inspired by her best friend. “I’m so confused. The character is entirely based on my nerve atypical friends. He found it too stressful to be nonverbal, and I with him I made this movie just because of his love for his mother, “she said. Tweet Friday.

“I have never called music a disabled person,” she said. Tweet.. “A special ability is what I always say, and casting someone at her functional level was unfriendly and cruel, so I will do my best to represent the community lovingly. I made a management decision. “

Some have said that artists with major platforms are shameful. exclude “Disability and neurodiversity actors from their own story”, others asked if the singer did something the study For the project.

But Sia has been for 3 years the study Participating in the project, an unnamed autistic actress was given the opportunity to play that role, but she found it too stressful.

The singer also advised her about the project by two people from Autism Spectrum Disorders, 13 actors The people in the movie are in the spectrum, playing the roles of doctors, nurses and singers. “I think this movie is beautiful,” she tweeted. “We produce something better than harm, and if we make a mistake, we pay for the rest of our lives,” she tweeted.

The Autism Association screamed that Sia was “wrong.”

One Twitter user said that an autistic actor Jumped Even with sudden notices, you have the opportunity to appear in the movie. “Several autistic actors, including myself, replied to these tweets. We all said we were able to act in a hurry. These excuses are just excuses. The fact of the matter was that there was no effort to include the actual person. Autism. ”

Sia answered Saying, “Maybe you’re just a bad actor.”

Sia defends portrayal of autistic characters in a new movie

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