Shu’s slow eagle creates a big swing with the first career LPGA win

Williamsburg, Virginia – Wei-Ling Shu promised not to cry if the caddy finally wins, or whenever he wins.

She was wrong.

Shu eagle the 15th hole on par 5 on Sunday, making a four-shot swing that gives a two-shot lead, and won the Pure Silk Championship on the LPGA Tour for her first career win.

“At the age of fifteen, I thought of myself. I had been waiting for seven years. After winning the par, the tearful Shu said in the green.

Later, after a while to soak it?

“I think today is the happiest day I’ve ever had. How do you cry?” She said. “And for some reason, I cried very hard in the last hole, but I feel happy. Just happy.”

Shu finished with a 3-under 68 and finished with a 13-under 271 to clear two shots of play partner Moriya Jutanugarn. Jutanugarn was 70 years old. Jessica Korda was third with 10 unders, following the age of 70.

Shu’s eagle left a very easy-to-make putt, helped by an accidental bounce. Jutanugarn started the hole with a two-shot lead, needed two shots to get into the bunker and get out, and hit the edge. Double bogey with three putts on the green.


And it all happened in the simplest hole of the course. This also shows that it can be a decisive hole.

Her 26-year-old victory from Taiwan was almost certain on her 147th career start with another birdie on the 16th of Par 4, extending her lead to three. And it came on a hot day at Kingsmill Resort’s James River Course. Dry fairways and greens were rare in May in Virginia and were fast and solid in all four rounds.

For most of the day, the fight for leads was like juggling.

Jessica Korda won the birdie in 6th place in par 4 in a three-way tie with co-leaders Shu and Jutanugarn in the third round, Jutanugarn bogey and Sue won the par. After two holes, Corda went with a par when the two play partners bogey.

The sequence began a nearly constant lead shift, with Jutanugarn and Sue returning to the lead share after the 10th hole, and Sarakemp in 12th on par 4 with a 4-way tie with Birdie. The group just before the last trio.


Sue regained the top spot with a birdie on 12th, Corda fell back two times, and Jutanugarn enjoyed the same two-shot swing as birdie on 13th on par 3. After missing the green, Sue putt two bogies.

Jutanugarn’s lead doubled with a third birdie on the 4th hole on the 14th of par 4, setting an amazing final lead swap at 15.

“When I made that eagle putt, I was just starting to wave my hands like a heart pumping hard. It almost came out,” she said.

Jutanugarn sank a long birdie putt on the 17th of par 3 and put pressure on Sue, but rolled the putt for par and dropped his right fist into the cup.

Corda was also a 17th birdie, and Shu led a par 4 18th with a two-shot, but Corda bogey 18th, Jutaugarn 2nd and Corda 3rd.

“Of course, I’m not done with what I wanted, but as you know, I’m still going to do a lot of good things from here,” she asked for her second career win. Jutanugarn, who was there, said.


Corda struggled all the time and missed some putts she thought she would make.

“The green is freshly baked. The whole place is baked,” she said. “So it was a little hard to be aggressive, especially when you were chasing and when you needed to.”

Kemp aimed for his first victory in 14 seasons and was fourth with 9 unders from the age of 70.

“I thought about winning, it’s okay for me. As I want to get used to it. Sure, I went a little further than I thought about it, but the more I put myself in the situation, the better I got into it I’ll go, “she said.

The penultimate event before the US Women’s Open on June 3-6 in San Francisco, the tournament was once the most popular, but probably the third lowest $ 1.3 million wallet. So I couldn’t attract some of the top players in the game. Travel.


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Shu’s slow eagle creates a big swing with the first career LPGA win

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