Shiloh Drive Shooting: Family Says 911 Response Delay

“There are dying people and you are here and have put me on hold for a long time.”

Fort Worth, Texas — The group disarmamented those who fired, armed with landscaping stones, as police worked to uncover the details of the shooting at a backyard rally. The 911 phone is said to have been put on hold.

Ashley Jimenez Santos, 15, lives in the house of Shirodrive, where the shooting took place. She said a small group of family and friends was in Trump in the backyard.

“We were all good,” she told WFAA. “We were all trying to relax as family and friends.”

Santos appeared, saying “not random,” someone insisted and began shooting her dad.

Santos said she didn’t know the shooter, but she and the shooter have mutual family friends who were at a backyard gathering.

Police said the crowd began chasing the shooter after the shooter fired, and the shooter turned around and fired at the people in the group. In response, police said some people had picked up landscaping bricks and started throwing them at the shooters.

“We were all trying to beat him (the shooter). We didn’t want to be shot anymore, so we were trying to protect ourselves,” Santos said. “We started throwing rocks at him. Throw him.”

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According to police, as the chase continued, the shooters either collapsed or were dropped into a group, at which point they shot the group and attacked two more victims.

According to Santos, one of them, a friend of a 32-year-old family member, has died.

Police said the group attacked the shooter multiple times with at least one landscaping brick and died on the scene.

Santos said her father and two others were hurt as well.

She said she had a problem when she called 911 earlier this morning.

“There are dying people and you’re here and have put me on hold for a long time,” she told WFAA. “For example, I’m telling you, it’s an emergency. For example, come and run!”

She said 911 put her on hold.

“Tell me,’Can you wait?’ 5 minutes,” she said. “I’m a man, it’s like there are dying people here. Can you hurry up my case! And they said,” Give me a five-minute hold. Give me a five-minute hold. Give me a 5 minute hold. “

Santos said he was scared and frustrated and called his mother, Rita Morales. Rita Morales also tried to call 911. She said she was also put on hold.

“I was a little shocked,” Morales said.

“I hung up and called again because I didn’t seem to be doing this,” she added. “Someone picked up the phone and they said,’Can you bring it?’ And I was like” okay. ” “

Fort Worth police told WFAA that they are working to verify these allegations. I also sent a request for 911 recording.

Earlier we talked about staffing issues at the 911 Call Center in Fort Worth. A police spokesperson told WFAA on Monday that they were in the process of hiring more people and that they now have police officers helping to fill the shortfall. But they wanted to disseminate the information. If you are interested in applying or would like to know more about the application process, please call emergency number (817) 392-4222 or check your job online.

However, Fort Worth residents said the recruitment process would not happen immediately.

“That’s one of the reasons our friends died,” Santos said. “He should be fine now, but he didn’t. Because you were all here, put me on hold. Put me on hold.”


Shiloh Drive Shooting: Family Says 911 Response Delay

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