Shawn Mendes launches Short(s) King Spring

Welcome to SHORT WEEK SHORT WEEK‘GQ Recommends’ suitably shortened ode to the most summery and calf-bare bottoms. Whether you’re a tall and baggy boy, an above-the-knee guy, or somewhere in between, we’ve got all the thoughts, suggestions, and, yes, recommendations for making this your biggest, leggiest, most stylish short season yet.

Menswear is a game of centimetres. centimetres, really. It’s why we see our tailor more often than our freshman Quadmates – and why the age-old dispute over inseam length sparked a debate so heated it threatened to split the GQ Recommends team in two.

Do you know who else agrees? Shawn Mendes, the upbeat Canadian pop star who’s quietly carved her way as a connoisseur of warm-weather style. Mendes doesn’t appear that often on the kind of IG mood boards dedicated to breathlessly documenting the outfits of his fashion-forward peers. Compared to some of his contemporaries, his taste is downright approachable – reserved even. But make no mistake: he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to navigating the golden ratios of menswear.

Take, for example, this pic of the sodden singer who emerged from the Miami shore a few weeks ago, a modern-day Venus with an emo nail polish and access to the Soho House beach. At first glance, it’s pretty ho-hum. (You’re welcome.) But the sweet-spot proportions of his swim trunks — a touch above mid-thigh, weighed down even by the salt water — have become so indelibly etched in our memories that they still haunt us almost a month later. To kick off our first ever Short Week Shorts Week, we did a little research… and came up with a startling revelation.

Turns out the swim trunks Mendes is wearing aren’t even swim trunks. They are constantly shorts. The giveaway? That high inseam and split hem, two practical flourishes your obnoxious runner buddies rely on for ease during all those early morning jogs they’re always asking you to do. They provide definitive proof that the shorts/swimsuit Venn diagram is a lot more like a circle these days—and make a strong case for tearing a page out of the Mendes playbook for slightly advanced, deceptively pensive summer style.

Moving on folks: Nothing to look for here but flawless (shorts) proportions.


The last proof of the not quite everyday credibility of the musician? The shorts in question just happen to be $45 — and if you have a Prime membership, they can be yours in about as much time as it takes to make this photo your screensaver. (You know, e.g a notice.) Unsurprisingly, the very pair he’s wearing sold out a long time ago, but you can still snag plenty of similar versions in a clutch of captivating prints and patterns.

At over six feet tall, Mendes hardly qualifies as a petite king in the, uh, traditional (?) sense of the term, but his intuitive understanding of the customs game of menswear makes him more than worthy of the moniker. Because of the power bestowed on us as a global authority in space, we’re proud to name him the newest leader of the shorts-wearing masses — or at least the only person whose name you should check Jonesing for style inspiration next time in warm weather. The crown may be heavy, but our man (and his delightfully unencumbered thighs) looks very relaxed.

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Shawn Mendes launches Short(s) King Spring

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