Seven Oaks tenants are seeking help from San Antonio’s mayor

SAN ANTONIO – Before Rose Cruz opens her closet, she has to remove a towel from under the door. It’s because you have mold inside your unit at Seven Oaks Apartments on San Antonio’s Northside.

She puts the mold-covered clothes in a garbage bag by her bedroom door.

“I haven’t thrown it away yet, so I can see if I can save it. I don’t know how to get mold out of clothes,” said Cruz.

You have to seal the air drafts with duct tape to keep your room cool during this triple-digit weather, but you have several box fans in case it gets too hot.

“It’s like that all the way, ew, but I had to because I was either going to freeze or be hot,” Cruz said.

Cruz and the rest of the neighbors joined together to shine a light on the poor living conditions.

They protested and rallied at the complex, but they and the Texas Organizing Project (TOP) recently brought these issues to city council for Mayor Ron Nirenberg to address.

Willie Rector holds a sign calling for San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg inside city hall. (Spectrum News 1)

“We live in unfair conditions,” Kryslyn Stanley said.

Stanley says residents have been trying to meet with the mayor for weeks. He stood on two boxes that said “soap box” inside the entrance of the town hall and talked about his living conditions.

“I bathe under an air conditioner in which my ceiling is collapsing. My daughters are 5 and 9 and when we shower the plaster is falling off and there is mold,” Stanley said.

Nirenberg said in a statement that the city spent $22,000 on temporary housing, $29,61.88 on CPS assistance and provided $178,039.19 in rental assistance.

The mayor’s statement added that there were 33 requests for assistance in relocating residents of Seven Oaks Apartment.

Nathan Robinson stood outside the town hall with bright eyes during the protest.

“That is why we are here today to ask for support from the mayor. We’re not here for a conflict, we don’t want to fight, we want help,” Robinson said.

Last month, Seven Oaks sent residents a notice to vacate, but Cruz says that while the evictions have stopped for now, the poor living conditions have not.

“I’m a little embarrassed to say I’m a San Antonio because I didn’t realize San Antonio was like that,” Cruz said as she choked up.

Claudia Nega shouted that they don’t ask much from the mayor.

“All we’re asking for is a proper toilet like the one you have at home. That’s all we’re asking for [is an] air conditioning like him,” Nega said.

Achieve Properties, which owns Seven Oaks, told Spectrum News 1 this complex was in disrepair when they bought it, but residents say they are receiving fraudulent completed work orders.

Nirenberg said the Development Services Department (DSD) has already issued 24 citations totaling $7,200 to the owner and will continue to issue them if the repairs are not corrected.

Despite that, the residents still want to have a conversation with the mayor.

“If Muhammad does not come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Muhammad,” Nega said.

Seven Oaks tenants are seeking help from San Antonio’s mayor

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