Senator Ted Cruz calls the objection “the right thing” and guarantees a change of power

Senator Texas has issued a statement that he is confident that the country will undergo a “peaceful transition.”

Washington — Republican Senator Ted Cruz defends his objections to the results of the Electoral College as “right”.

Texas Senator blamed the violence that occurred when supporters of President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol with an unusual attack on election results.

Cruz led the first challenge to Joe Biden’s defeat of President Donald Trump by opposing Arizona’s consequences.

“I’m not insisting on setting the outcome of this election aside,” Cruz said when he addressed his fellow senator.

He called on Congress to set up a committee to investigate the elections.

“And it will decisively determine whether and to what extent this election is in compliance with constitutional and federal law,” Cruz said.

His efforts were totally defeated in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Mr Cruz said he was confident that the country would undergo a “peaceful transition.” Biden is scheduled to launch on January 20th.

Read the full statement of Senator Ted Cruz:

“The attack on the Capitol was a sneaky terrorist act and a shocking attack on our democratic system. The Justice Department vigorously prosecuted everyone involved in these brave acts of violence. I need to thank the brave men and women of the US Capitol Police and all other law enforcement agencies who have responded to restore peace.

“Now we must come together and put this anger and division behind us. We must stand side by side as Americans. We must confront the Constitution and the Rule of Law. You must keep the rule.

“That’s why my colleagues and I have called on the Electoral College to give Americans confidence in this past and upcoming elections. Hundreds of peacefully expressed deep concerns about the integrity of the elections. Every American deserves to hear their voice. That was right. I strongly hope that Congress has not set aside these concerns, but the position taken by each of my colleagues. The discussions at the two parliamentary homes are not a violent attack, but a good way to resolve our political differences.

“Now Congress must fulfill our constitutional responsibilities to complete the process of accrediting the Electoral College. We need to make a peaceful and orderly change of power in accordance with the Constitution. I’m sure it will happen. “

Senator Ted Cruz calls the objection “the right thing” and guarantees a change of power

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