Senator Ted Cruz Blocks More Biden Candidates

Washington — It often takes months for a new president to take on important positions throughout the federal government, but President Joe Biden has become a recent predecessor in the time it takes to staff his administration. I’m behind. The delay is partly due to Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

What you need to know

  • President Joe Biden lags behind the former president in holding important positions, many of which are ambassadors.
  • This was primarily due to the stagnation by Senator Ted Cruz of R-Texas.
  • Cruz is currently postponing Barbara Reef’s appointment to the State Department’s Middle East Bureau. Mr Cruz said he was dissatisfied with her answers to questions about Israel, Egypt and Iran.
  • Critics say Cruz’s delay is hampering US diplomacy

Barbara Reef, a career diplomat who served under the Republicans and Democrats, is one of Biden’s latest candidates in the US Senate. Cruz has withheld her appointment to the Department of State’s Middle East Bureau. He was reportedly dissatisfied with her answers to his questions about Israel, Egypt and Iran.

Max Bergman, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, said:

Reef is one of Biden’s dozens of candidates who have been in trouble for months due to Cruz’s official delay in confirmation. Many of them are likely to be ambassadors. One of the reasons Cruz gave was against Biden, who abandoned sanctions on pipelines being built to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. The exemption was sought by Germany, an important US ally.

“At exactly the same time Biden is closing his work and pipeline in the United States, he gave Vladimir Putin, a pipeline between Russia and Germany, a green light and a gift, created a job in Russia, and a number in Russia. It will generate billions of dollars and rob jobs in the United States. This pipeline is a disaster, “Cruz said on the Senate floor last month.

Democrats have accused the Republicans of Texas of being conservative and engaging in a grand political position to hone his reputation.

“One is to put him at a central stage in fighting the Biden administration on issues he knows are popular with Republican voters, and the second is that he is a policy failure. It allows us to put the spotlight on our thinking, “said Mark Jones, a professor of political science at Rice University.

According to the Presidential Transition Center, the review process has been so slow that only two of Biden’s choices as various ambassadors have been confirmed. This means that Biden lags behind his three predecessors at the same time in his first year in office.

“There were a number of obstacles that prevented qualified candidates from taking important positions,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday. “The responsibility is clear. It’s frustrating. That’s what we want to move forward faster.”

Senator, who uses procedural moves to delay confirmation of presidential candidates, is an old Senate operation used by members of both parties. But critics are worried that Cruz has taken tactics to a new and extreme level, hindering US diplomacy.

“Currently, the US government isn’t running on every cylinder because we don’t have the right people in place,” said Pusaki.

If Cruz is not upset, Senate leader Chuck Schumer will face a decision on whether to change the rules to make the nomination easier to pass. But if he does, it will prevent Democrats from using the same tactics against Republican presidents in the future.

Senator Ted Cruz Blocks More Biden Candidates

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