Senator Paul: “They are big government people,” so health officials “can’t stand the good news” about the pandemic.

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky, said Tuesday, “We shouldn’t give government orders based on what we don’t know. We should give orders based on what we know.”

Paul: This is Dr. Fauci. Consider delegation when they can prove that something is the real problem.He is the last [Dr. Fauci] He rebelled against me, “What about the mutants? You may have been infected or vaccinated, but you may be susceptible to the mutants,” he said. All studies to date have shown that vaccines work well for most mutants and natural diseases work very well for mutants.In fact, a study from one of him in January [Fauci‚Äôs] His laboratory, one of his scientists, said that innate immunity, the one that obtained it in a natural way, has immunity to all mutants.

What we have to do is not impose fear. Is it perfect? No. The government should be responsible for proving the widespread existence of those who have it or who have not received tens of thousands. [that] Vaccinated people are still telling it. Even the CDC admitted before someone rolled it back, but the CDC chief found that if you were vaccinated, you didn’t have it, you didn’t send it. I was saying on TV. This is good news. These people can’t stand the good news because it means you can get out of their thumbs and live your life. They don’t want you to be free from their mission. Most of these people are big government people in nature, so they like the ideas they submit.

So far, the good news is that we have been finding long-standing T-cell-mediated immunity, memory immunity, to those who have it. There is no major study showing that we are getting widespread reinfection of those who had it. It’s very rare. 31 million people have it in our country. Hundreds to hundreds of people may have been re-infected and there are no surges associated with re-infection. people [who] If they already have some immunity, get it again. If they get it again, they usually take a gentle shape.

Paul also discussed the controversy that Major League Baseball would pull the All-Star game out of Atlanta, saying it might be time for Republicans to boycott companies against Georgia’s election law.

Paul: Do you want baseball, a national pastime, to be a Democratic pastime? Does Coca-Cola want to sell cola only to Democrats? Does Delta want to fly only Democrats? They have seen this voting method, which actually expands access to voting, in a very partisan way. We will do some things for absentee ballots, but expand early voting. In Georgia, there is an early vote from Denver. So what logic, rules, and standards do you use to determine in which state you play baseball?

The way they deal with Republican-passed bills and the way they deal with Republicans is that Coca-Cola doesn’t want Republicans to drink their products, and Delta puts Republicans on their planes. Tell me I don’t want to ride and what Major League Baseball doesn’t want Republicans want to be in the stadium. If so, it is foolish to offend half of the masses by becoming so awake. After all, they will all regret this. Stacey Abrams goes back and says, “I didn’t expect the state to cost $ 100 million.” The defeat of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game cost Georgia $ 100 million. Stacey Abrams is currently responsible for that. Can you imagine she wanting to represent a state that has cost $ 100 million in contracts for madness and is lying about the passed election law?

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Senator Paul: “They are big government people,” so health officials “can’t stand the good news” about the pandemic.

Source link Senator Paul: “They are big government people,” so health officials “can’t stand the good news” about the pandemic.

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