Senator John Cornyn Helps COVID Relief

Washington — Congress is approaching the final decision on a large COVID-19 bailout deal, as the deadline for the government to run out of funds weighs heavily on lawmakers. Parliamentary leaders said they wouldn’t go anywhere until the deal was closed and the $ 900 billion bailout package was approached.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas told Spectrum News that he was confident that the stimulus bailout would be finalized by the weekend. There are some controversial parts, such as the Paycheck Protection Program update, which state Republican Senators said have been updated to better target small businesses and nonprofits, but other issues remain unresolved. ..

“I want to do 20% more, but in the end I want to do it with 80% rather than doing nothing,” Cornyn said.

He added that the ongoing negotiations included $ 300 a week as an unemployment allowance and $ 600 as a direct payment to eligible Americans. This is half the size of a stimulating check offered to Americans in March. Under the CARES Act, adults under $ 75,000 received checks up to $ 1,200. Congress is considering limiting the eligibility for this round.

“I’ve heard that people under $ 50,000 are eligible for this additional $ 600 payment. It wasn’t before. It was a higher number, so as you can see, we make it the most. We’re trying to target people in need, “Conin said.

The two main issues in the discussion are about the same. State and local funding and protection of liability for businesses, universities, and healthcare facilities. The latter was an early supporter of Cornin, and was promoted by other Republicans, including majority leaders. Mr. Cornin said he has not given up on the shield of responsibility as additional assistance is expected after “the new administration has taken over.”

“This is not a complete exemption. It aims to eliminate people who have tried to follow the guidelines in good faith, but as you know, the guidelines are changing over time …” he says. I did.

Texas received $ 11.24 billion from the CARES Act. The US Treasury has managed an initial $ 3.2 billion distribution to states and local organizations with a population of over 500,000. There are still billions of dollars left in the state. When asked what state officials think the money should be spent on, Konin said it was “a complex answer to a simple question” and funded schools, tests and COVID-19 vaccines. He added that the state has many needs, whether or not. distribution.

“We were worried about it [Gov. Greg Abbott] I had to use it by the end of the year. That is the current law. But we will extend that deadline and provide more flexibility to allow the money to go further. We will come back and revisit the issue of state and local aid. What we didn’t want to do was piggy banks for state and local jurisdictions that weren’t financially responsible, “Conin said.

A new stagnation arose later in the relief negotiations. Despite bipartisan support for live performance venues, lawmakers are trying to figure out if other closed companies like museums and zoos need to get federal grants. Cornin introduced the Save Our Stages Act earlier this year with the goal of providing relief to music and entertainment venues.

“Of course, if you start seeing something that could go through, I’d love to add another group,” Cornin said. These entertainment venues cannot be left behind. That was the original impetus for our bill. “

At a vaccine distribution event on Thursday, Governor Abbott said he would not allow further closures in Texas. Cornin said he agreed with him.

“I think you’ve seen states like California and New York basically creating these blockades, and I think this is a substitute for personal responsibility,” he said. ..

Senator John Cornyn Helps COVID Relief

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