Senate Republican running ad during an All-Star game hitting Warnock with MLB move from Atlanta

FIRST ON FOX: The National Republican Senate has placed an ad in Georgia between MLB’s All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, criticizing Senator Raphael Warnock for the fact that MLB has moved the event from Atlanta to Denver over Georgia’s election safety law. I will.

The ad, first obtained by Fox News, will appear on both ESPN’s Home Run Derby on Monday, July 12, and the All-Star Game itself the next day. The NRSC told Fox News that it would cost about $ 100,000 in total to buy ads.

“The all-star game has boosted Georgia’s economy by $ 100 million, until a radical left-wing crowd robs it all and forces MLB to boycott Georgia,” the ad said. “All Stacey Abrams opposed the boycott, but Senator Warnock refused to oppose it.”

Warnock did not explicitly require the All-Star Game to leave Georgia. He is modest between supporting those who are angry with the law that the Democrats have called oppression of voters and not explicitly asserting actions that could financially hurt his members. I tried to take a good position.

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and reporters leave the Capitol on Wednesday, February 10, at the end of the second day of former President Donald Trump’s second crackdown trial at Capitol Hill, Washington. I talk. , 2021. Republicans have criticized Warnock for the fact that MLB is removing the All-Star game from Georgia in response to the election law passed by the Republicans. (AP photo / Manuel Valls Seneta)
((AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta))

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“I think we all have to use our voice,” he said on CNN when asked if the boycott of a big event in Georgia should be an option for activists.

And he said in a tweet that companies shouldn’t boycott Georgia after MLB decided to run the All-Star game, but accused Georgian Republicans of missing out on potential economic gains.

“It wasn’t the GA people and workers who created SB202, but the politicians who were trying to maintain power at the expense of the Georgian voice, and today’s decision by @MLB is the actions of these politicians. It’s an unfortunate result, “said Warnock. Early April when MLB decided to move the game to Denver.

“We hope that businesses, athletes and entertainers can protest this unjustified law by coming here and fighting the oppression of voters head-on with the community, rather than by leaving GA,” Warnock said. I added. “And the urgency to pass the federal voter protection law I’m fighting hard is increasing day by day.”

But Republicans are still responsible for the economic blow to MLB’s move with Warnock and other Democrats, who say they weren’t strong enough to oppose the state boycott.

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“Sadly, it was their own senators who helped run the All-Star game and run the $ 100 million from Atlanta,” NRSC Senator Rick Scott, Florida, said in a statement. It was. “Even Stacey Abrams turned her tone after first supporting the boycott’s efforts and voiced opposition to the boycott of Atlanta and its small business, but Rafael Warnock hurt the Georgian family. Refused to blame. “

Warnock won a seat in the January finals, but his race was a special election to replace retired Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga, so he needs to face voters next year as well. Republicans consider Warnock to be one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents entering the mid-term.

Senate Republican running ad during an All-Star game hitting Warnock with MLB move from Atlanta

Source link Senate Republican running ad during an All-Star game hitting Warnock with MLB move from Atlanta

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