Seed Racks Are Back: Gardeners, Act Responsibly | lifestyles

Second, never buy a seed packet based on its picture. These are designed to look so good you’ll reach out and take the pack, and once you’ve got your hands on it you won’t put it down. Simply put, the image is a sales ploy and doesn’t give you the information you need to make a smart purchase.

This information is on the back of the pack and the third rule of seed grading is that you study this information carefully before purchasing. The back describes the plant as annual, perennial or biennial, which is good to know. Where appropriate, the range of cultivation areas is listed. And, most importantly, here’s how tall the plant will grow and how it’s likely to spread so you can place seeds or seedlings appropriately.

Equally important, the back of the pack states how many days it takes the plant from germination to maturity. (You should already know how long your growing season is.)

Often there are also additional installation instructions. These indicate whether the cultivation of the plant corresponds to your level of knowledge.

And always make sure to check this year’s date printed at the bottom of the pack so you know you’re getting fresh and viable seeds, not those of previous years.

Finally, note the number of seeds in the pack. Usually a single package contains more than you need. (How many cabbages does your family actually want you to plant?)

Seed Racks Are Back: Gardeners, Act Responsibly | lifestyles

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