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The US House of Representatives on Wednesday began discussing President Donald Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment, with the majority of Democrats encouraging what was the fatal assault on the US Capitol. Was accused of inciting the rebellion.

Watch Live: House Minutes on Trump Impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump a threat to “freedom, autonomy, and the rule of law.”

But stubborn Trump supporter Jim Jordan of Ohio said the impeachment “doesn’t unite the country. It’s about politics.” The Democrats “want to dismiss the president.”

Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has enough votes to impeach Trump a week before the end of their four-year term at noon on January 20, with Democrat Joe Biden inaugurated as the new leader in the country. To do.

However, a few Republicans are also expected to participate in a vote to brand Trump, the only Republican in US history-the first two of the country’s 45 presidents. I was impeached.

If he is impeached, Trump will be tried by the Senate, perhaps after his term ends, and will require two-thirds of the votes in a politically divided room to convict him. Probably. The consequences are uncertain, but if it convicts him, the Senate could ban him from reinstated federal government in a second vote requiring only a simple majority.

Chief Justice John Roberts, followed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif), and Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) condemn the crackdown and President Donald After presiding, leave the Senate Capitol …

First impeachment

The House of Representatives, without a Republican vote, impeached Trump in late 2019 for trying to dig up Biden’s soil in Ukraine prior to the November elections. Trump was acquitted in February after a 20-day Senate trial.

Biden defeated the president in the US presidential election with a decisive majority of the decisive electoral college. Parliament early last Thursday proved the results of the Electoral College, but not before Trump mobs rushed to the Capitol, occupying and plundering several parliamentary offices and fighting police.

When the House of Representatives debated the basic rules of proceedings, Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern said the impeachment debate was taking place “in the real crime scene.”

“Without the President of the United States, we wouldn’t have been here,” McGovern said. “The cause of this violence is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” the White House speeched.

Capitol police officers in riot-control equipment push back demonstrators trying to break the Capitol door on Wednesday, January 6th ...
Capitol police officers in riot control equipment push back demonstrators attempting to break the Capitol door in Washington on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. (AP photo / Jose Ismagana)

“Riot incitement”

At a rally a week ago, Trump urged his supporters to march to the Capitol and “fight” to overturn the election defeat.

However, after security officials warned of possible violence surrounding the inauguration next week, Trump issued a statement on Wednesday begging his supporters to maintain peace.

“In the light of more demonstration reports, I urge that there should be no violence, violation of law, and vandalism of any kind. It is not what I represent, nor what the United States represents. I call on all Americans to help relieve tension and calm their temper. Thank you. “

Nonetheless, Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer said in a floor debate Wednesday that Trump “brought shame and confusion to the president” and “weaponed hatred.” It was.

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole opposed Mr. Trump’s impeachment a week before his resignation, saying: “I can’t think of anything that would cause further division than the majority are currently on the road. Instead of anticipating the new administration, the majority are again trying to resolve the score against the old administration. ”

Another Republican, Missouri Parliamentarian Jason Smith, said: This is a reckless impeachment. ”

File-In this December 17, 2019 file photo, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney speaks with a reporter at the Washington Capitol. Cheney ...
File-Republican Rep. Liz Cheney speaks with reporters at the Washington Capitol on December 17, 2019.

Republican support

Still, several Republicans said they would join the majority of Democrats to vote for impeachment.

Congressman Liz Cheney, a member of the Republican House’s leadership team, said in explaining her support for the impeachment on Tuesday night, “there was no such big betrayal” by the US president.

“Impeachment at this point will have the opposite effect of bringing our country together,” said Kevin McCarthy, a leader of the Republican House of Representatives, a close ally of Trump. However, Republican leaders said they would not pressure party members to oppose impeachment if they chose to oppose impeachment.

President Donald Trump will speak on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 in Alamo, Texas, near some of the US-Mexico border walls. (AP photo ...
President Donald Trump will speak on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 in Alamo, Texas, near some of the US-Mexico border walls. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

Trump digs down

During a visit to the US-Mexico border on Tuesday, Mr. Trump said the move to impeach him again “caused far greater anger, division and pain than most people would understand. , Especially in this very gentle place, which is very dangerous for the United States. ” time. ”

He promoted “peace and tranquility” and said that it was “the time of law and the time of order.”

Trump, who told a crowd of his supporters in a video last week, “We love you, you are so special,” did not answer the question from the reporter.

Impeachment manager

Late Tuesday, Pelosi announced that he had chosen Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin to lead a group of nine impeachment managers.

“It is a constitutional and patriotic obligation to file a proceeding for impeachment and dismissal of the president,” Pelosi said in a statement. “They will do so, guided by a great love for the country, a determination to protect our democracy, and a loyalty to our commitment to the Constitution. Our managers are very solemn, prayer and We respect our obligation to protect democracy for those with urgency. ”

Given that Trump’s term ends in a week, it is unclear whether House leaders will immediately send an impeachment resolution to the Senate.

The impeachment resolution “finds” more than 11,000 votes to exceed Biden’s victory margin to electoral authorities in southern Georgia, with unfounded accusations that Trump was fooled from the second phase by irregular voting and counting. His statement at the state and last Wednesday’s rally quoted pressure on the Capitol to thousands of supporters to pressure legislators to overturn the election results. I urged him to march on.

Impeachment Biden

Biden’s “hope and expectation” is that the Senate will impeach and confirm the appointment of the Cabinet after taking office, while at the same time approving further support for the US economic downturn weakened by the coronavirus surge. “.

He said on Monday of the riot, “It is very important to seriously focus on engaging in sedition, threatening life, tampering with public property and detaining those who have caused great damage, they You will be held responsible. ”

Dozens of rioters have already been arrested, federal officials are conducting more investigations, scrutinizing surveillance camera records from the Capitol to identify fraudsters, and rioters post to buildings I’m searching for social media videos.

See: Democrats and Republicans argue for and against Trump impeachment | Voice of America

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