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Click on the stream above to see CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum. Wednesday’s session from Asia focuses on industry response.

It’s time to discuss the goals and confirm the promises made by the company. Is the goal achievable? What if I fail to reach my goal?

As we compete for a sustainable future, it is imperative to meet the needs of different industries. From big tech giants to specific sectors such as agriculture and fashion. All industries have a role to play, but do some industries step up faster than others?

The lineup of Wednesday sessions is as follows. Click here for the full schedule for this week.

Fireside: Protecting the world’s precious water resources
2:00 pm SGT / HK | 7:00 am BST

Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Suntory Holdings.

For Suntory Holdings, one of the world’s leading producers of whiskey and other beverages, water supply is an integral part of its business. The company’s CEO Takeshi Niinami will join in to discuss setting ambitious goals to protect the world’s precious water resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Fireside: Diversity Dividend
2:15 pm SGT / HK | 7:15 am BST

Snita Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo Hospital.

As Managing Director of the Apollo Hospital Group, Snytareddi is one of the largest names in India’s healthcare sector and a pioneer of business women around the world. She talks with us about how diversity on the Apollo Board has facilitated growth, how to promote gender equality in leadership, and how Apollo Hospital incorporates ESG into its long-term strategy. increase.

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Fireside: Sustainable Future of Aviation
6:30 pm SGT / HK | 11:30 am BST

Michael O’Reilly, CEO of Ryanair.

Can alternative fuels or more efficient aircraft hold the key to reducing carbon emissions in the aviation industry until electricity or hydrogen-powered aircraft become viable alternatives? Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary joins us and talks about his vision of flying in a more sustainable way.

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Panel: How Big Companies Become More Sustainable
6:45 pm SGT / HK | 11:45 am BST

Mario Greco, CEO of Zurich Insurance, Dorf van den blink, Heineken CEO, and Carolan Lennon, CEO of Eir.

From net-zero goals to carbon taxes and even linking executive salaries with action on climate change, sectors are looking for ways to be more sustainable. Joining us to share insights into what the industry means to be more environmentally friendly are Zurich Insurance CEO Mario Greco, Air CEO Carolan Lennon, and Heineken CEO. This is Dorf van den Blink.

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Fireside: Driving Nissan into a more environmentally friendly future
7:15 pm SGT / HK | 12:15 pm BST

Makoto Uchida, Nissan CEO.

The automotive industry is undergoing major transformation in response to the demand for reduced CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Nissan announced that it will electrify all new models in major markets by the early 2030s. CEO Makoto Uchida will join us to discuss how automakers are achieving their sustainability goals, how they are investing in electrification and recycling, and the industry’s broad response.

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Fireside: Is the trend towards sustainable fashion changing?
7:30 pm SGT / HK | 12:30 pm BST

Libya Firth, Founder and creative director of Eco-Age.

The acclaimed sustainability activist Libya Firth has long been critical of the fashion industry’s greenwashing. She discusses whether the pandemic has caused a rethink of our outfits, whether circular fashion is more than a marketing tool, and the launch of her new Renaissance award to honor young leaders in sustainability. Join us for.

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See CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum Asia: Industry Response

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