Seattle police spread the Gadsden flag from police cars to protest vaccination obligations

A Seattle police police car was filmed with the Gadsden flag hanging from a window before the Washington State Vaccine Directive came into force.

“Some officers are planning to take a vacation to decide what they will do in the long run. They don’t seem keen to stay in the SPD. Other officers are the result of this. He explained that he would leave the SPD by the end of the year. “KTTH radio show host Jason Lantz wrote on Twitter with photos.” Officers took these photos in protest of the mission. . “

Washington state employees are required to submit a vaccination certificate by Monday. Seattle Police Department Guild President Mike Solan said officers would not be fired immediately, but would face a “loudermill hearing.”

Seattle business owners fear that vaccination mandates will extend 911 response times: “I can’t get help”

A Seattle business owner is already afraid that his mission will result in a shortage of staff and increased waiting times for 911 calls.

“I feel like I’m alone. I can’t get help from anywhere. I just open the door every day and I don’t know if I’m going home safe and good for my family, or if something works. Hmm. It will happen. ” Maher Youssef, owner of Youssef’s Pluto Organic CafĂ© in Belltown, told KING5 News: week.

Thousands gathered outside Washington Protest against the State Capitol vaccination Delegated earlier this month.

Thousands protest Washington’s vaccine directive and sing national anthem

“We are adults and we know how to take care of ourselves,” said Kelly Coyle, a former state transport employee, in protest. “I believe you shouldn’t force someone to inject something they don’t want into their bodies and lose your livelihood.” Coil was early on over Democratic Governor Jay Inslee. He said he was forced to retire. Vaccine obligation For state workers.

Video footage from the rally also rushes into the national anthem while holding the American flag and sign that says “Stand for freedom of health” and “No compulsory vaccination.” Was shown.

A Washington state police officer photographed himself on Friday and said it was the last shift after refusing the vaccine. He also sent a strong message to Democratic Governor Jay Inslee.

The Washington trooper finally signs out and tells Insley that he “can kiss my A”

“More to say, this is the last time I’ve heard me in a state police car in states 10-34. Jay Inslee can kiss me-” said trooper Robert Lamei. Told. video.

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He thanked the work of other law enforcement officers and added that he was asked to leave “because I am dirty.”

Seattle police spread the Gadsden flag from police cars to protest vaccination obligations

Source link Seattle police spread the Gadsden flag from police cars to protest vaccination obligations

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