Sean Hannity: We’re in trouble because of an anti-Trump campaign

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Fox News host Sean Hannity told viewers the opening monologue was Jan. 6. The committee’s first meeting was a “TV smear campaign” against former President Donald Trump that was accompanied by the most outrageous protests on Capitol Hill.

SEAN HANNITY: We have three major advertising sites, Fake News CNN, MSDNC, all-in-one, good, more fun, very fun, there-nothing-new, multi-hour, Democratic fundraiser masquerading as a Jan. 6 hearing. And at the sound of it, they will do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of this. Created by a former ABC executive, a 100% Hollywood production company with all the working licenses to go with it. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not good to listen to tonight. It’s not really an investigation into how the security broke on that last day …


Instead, it was a kill-for-TV campaign against President Trump, featuring cut-and-diced videos appropriate to their pre-selected political story from the start, followed by By the most important. Trump-inaina on Capitol Hill. Everyone on this committee in history has hated President Trump, and they have all chosen to denounce him. Currently, Donald Trump supporters are not allowed to join this unethical, hyper-partisan committee. And sadly, the people who run this circus aren’t interested in what’s wrong. They are not interested in what is actually done. They are leaving out important information.

Vice Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) complained to Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) after the release of the video as a House selection committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on US Capitol. Alex Brandon/Pool via REUTERS


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Unfortunately, during the Jan. 6 committees showing their pictures from Trump, I’m talking about how much money they’re going to cut and cut and fix around that piece where he said, “There are a lot of you now in peace and patriotism in the Capitol your voice is heard.. ” Hmm, wonder why. In recent hours, the Capitol police have been unprepared. They are outsiders. And according to the agency after the operation, the protesters did not immediately respond to the riot. Most of their radios didn’t work, and most of their alarms were stuck in a car and they couldn’t get the key. Meanwhile, the Capitol police chief turned to the National Guard and asked for help six different times. It was not until the evening that Pelosi spoke the last word. At that time it was too late. The Capitol was broken into. And since then, Democrats have used this terrible day as a political weapon. They don’t really care about chaos or improving safety and security. All politics… So we’re in trouble because an anti-Trump campaign isn’t going to work.

Sean Hannity: We’re in trouble because of an anti-Trump campaign

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