Sean Hannity: God forbid President Biden gives credit to his predecessor

Sean Hannity discusses President Biden’s comments after his COVID-19 campaign and how he refuses to give credit to his predecessor Trump on “Hannity.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity talked about President Joe Biden’s illness and recovery from COVID-19 and discussed Biden taking a swipe at former President Trump on his brush with COVID-19.

HANNITY: It’s important because of the lies of the BIDEN administration

SEAN HANNITY: You may not know, but Joe Biden is single for about a week after his COVID 19 diagnosis. The good news tonight is that he is feeling better and continuing his normal schedule, according to his COVID schedule. And that means waking up at night, sleeping a lot, sleeping a lot in the middle of many events. And during a speech in the Rose Garden, as you know about COVID and his COVID journey, Biden had to raise the uniter that is his favorite subject, Donald Trump. Choose carefully.

Now, what Joe doesn’t mention is that the current variant, which is BA5., Omicron’s main variant is much, much weaker than the original version that has the President Trump. And by the way, I don’t remember, I didn’t see a Donald Trump trip, not once, not twice, but three times up the stairs to Air Force One and then there was a speaker that was very windy. I don’t know what was worse about his trip three times or they say the wind hit him. Donald Trump is not blown by the wind.

WILMINGTON, DE – October 28: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden puts on his mask (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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In fact, this type of COVID is so weak right now that it’s even weak, impaired. A 79-year-old man can heal at home without any problems thing. And by the way, he forgot to mention that he took a few packets of antiviral medicine. So Joe’s recovery was aided by an excellent drug. And of course, Biden was also helped by vaccines, created by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. But God forbid that President Biden should give credit to his predecessor. You see, he didn’t have the royal team in them.

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Sean Hannity: God forbid President Biden gives credit to his predecessor

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