Schortz uses epidemiologists as the new German health minister

Berlin – Prime Minister Olaf Scholz is the first woman to become the country’s highest security official on Monday after an epidemiologist who has raised prominent vigilance in the coronavirus pandemic became Germany’s new health minister. Announced that it will be part of a team that includes.

Center-left politicians a few hours before Schortz announces whether the new government’s last potential partner, the environmentalist Greens, has voted to vote to approve the tripartite coalition. Presented a candidate for the Social Democratic Party to the Cabinet.

It will pave the way for Congress to elect Shorts on Wednesday after the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party uphold the deal over the weekend. His election ends the 16-year term of retiring Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The most carefully watched appointment was the appointment of the Minister of Health, as Germany struggled to reduce the highest coronavirus infection rate in the pandemic to date. Karl Lauterbach is an epidemiologist and media-savvy parliamentarian with no administrative experience, but one of Germany’s most prominent parliamentarians who has sought attention and rigorous action against COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic. I chose Bach.

“The pandemic isn’t over yet,” Schortz said. “Most people in this country wanted the next health minister to become a really successful expert and be called Karl Lauterbach.” Stated.

Federal and state leaders last week announced strict new restrictions primarily targeting unvaccinated people. As a long-term move, Congress will consider mandating a general vaccine.


When asked about the outlook for the Christmas period, Roterbach said, “The important purpose must be to reduce the number of cases so that we can encourage people to travel without risking them.”

“Security will be in the hands of powerful women in the government,” Schortz said, announcing a selection of interior and defense portfolios.

Nancy Phaser, a lawyer who heads the party branch in central Hessen, was an unexpected choice to become Germany’s first female interior minister, including overseeing federal police and domestic intelligence. Mr. Phaser said the main focus was on the fight against far-right extremism, which she called the “greatest threat” to the country.

Retiring Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht becomes the new Defense Minister.

Klara Geywitz, a senior Social Democratic member of East Germany who was a partner of Schortz who failed to bid for the leader in 2019, will lead the new Ministry of Construction. Foreign Minister Svenja Schulze becomes Minister of International Development. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil remains in his job.


Schmidt’s Chief of Staff will be Wolfgang Schmidt, a long-time credible of the next leader, who has served as Deputy Minister of Finance for the next government.

The Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party have already nominated ministers. The Deputy Prime Minister of Schortz will be Robert Habeck, one of the co-leaders of Greens. He will lead a new combination of economic and climate ministry. Annalena Baerbock, another co-leader of Greens, will be Germany’s first female foreign minister after the party first bids on the prime minister in the September elections.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner will become Minister of Finance and, in effect, the third-largest official in the new government.

Schortz has promised a gender-balanced cabinet — that is to say, if you don’t count the prime ministers. He said his own party choices reflected the fact that women should “have half the power.”

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Schortz uses epidemiologists as the new German health minister

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