Schools in London are looking for a £ 50m antivirus partner

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Over the next nine years, there is a need for specialized providers to provide cybersecurity software to schools throughout London.

London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a non-profit organization that aims to help schools access financing and save money through centralized funding, “a single supplier of enterprise types. Notified that the opportunity to “find” is approaching. Antivirus and malware protection tools. ”

Bidder will have a platform that is properly deployed to endpoints such as workstations and servers and provides “the ability to license (sell, move, recover)” through a self-managed console used in a wide range of public sectors. Must be able to provide. Organizations and charities. “

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“LGfL acts as an aggregator and managed service provider, … [antivirus tool] Using LGfL broadband provisioning [other] “Public Sector Organizations and Charities” and Procurement Notices have been added.

The selected company will be given two possibilities for a two-year extension in addition to the first five-year contract. The deal is worth £ 25 to £ 50 million to the supplier of choice.

Bidding is scheduled to begin on July 8th, before the scheduled contract start date of September 2nd.

LGfL was co-created 20 years ago by all local governments throughout the capital. We currently work with more than 3,500 schools across the UK, including 92% of London.

Among its key products is a broadband network, which claims to provide schools with additional licensing and security products such as remote desktop access and cloud backup for £ 11m. Over the past seven years, the Charity Trust has also claimed to have “identified over £ 50m in potential funding for free school meals.”

Schools in London are looking for a £ 50m antivirus partner

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