Schlumberger: A chunky jewelry designer ready to upset your bling

In part, Schlumberger may thank Jay-Z. In the About Love campaign announced by Tiffany last year, JAY-Z wears some of Schlumberger’s most famous designs in jewelry houses. Apollo brooch and the above-mentioned diamond bird are rock brooches decorated with ruby ​​eyes. A pair of giant yellow stones and their corresponding cufflinks. And it’s easy to imagine a man applying gravity towards those giant rings and blistering with jewels. Already, men are buying works inspired by Schlumberger, a New York-based jewelery brand Prounis. The brand puts an impressive stone in a heavy gold band. It may be only a matter of time before you see a jeweled hound like Lil Uzi Vert sporting a neck full of colored sapphires adorned with diamond daffodils.


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However, with the exception of these two brooches, the Schlumberger-Tiffany epidemic has so far remained predominantly in the secondary market. (There are about 80 Schlumberger pieces still regularly produced by Tiffany, including three impressive engagement ring styles.) Town & Country Last year, he wasn’t shy about predicting a wild design revival, but Tiffany still took full advantage of this particular attraction with something like his more quirky design capsules and men’s jewelry campaigns. Is not …

Unfortunately, RealReal said in a report that the prices of Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso’s works created for Tiffany are also rising, saying, “In fact, it’s still your mother’s Tiffany.” .. Intended to relocate the brand as Millennial Friendly under the new owner LVMH.

Of course, vintage pieces are in the spotlight in every segment of the market, and shoppers are eager to forget about the collaboration and once-popular lines of the 1990s and 2000s. However, Tiffany, whose image remake is directed by Bernard Arnault’s son Alexandre, wants to move in a modern direction rather than a nostalgic direction, and recently released a collaboration with Supreme. Is the front-facing campaign of JAY-Z featuring an artist stacking rope-like bands and colorful bird bracelets far away? Thick ring fingers crossed!

Schlumberger: A chunky jewelry designer ready to upset your bling

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