Sarah Jessica Parker breaks silence about Willie Garson’s death

Kim Zolchak Biaman is still feeling the effects of her stroke.

On September 22, the “Do n’t Be Tardy” star took her to Instagram to look back on her health incident when she appeared in “Dancing With the Stars” six years ago.

“Today six years ago, I had a stroke. I never forget my feelings. I think about it almost every day. I take anticoagulants every day. Probably I will always do that, “she wrote. “I have no physical restrictions, but sometimes I can’t find the” right “word, or my thoughts are completely lost. “

Kim said there were imminent signs of a stroke, benefiting from hindsight, but she didn’t think much about them in real time.

“Looking back, it was clear that something was wrong. I woke up on September 21, 2015 (I just landed in LA the night before). My head was throbbing. It was terrible. It looks like a terrible migraine. It was it because I was suffering from migraines on a regular basis, but it was the worst headache I have ever experienced, “she said. “I popped an Exedrin migraine as usual and jumped into the car and headed to the DWTS studio for rehearsals.”

On the way to the studio, the driver got lost.

“By the time I got to the studio, I was very car sick (typical for me). I felt like junk! The terrible migraines and car sickness were like hell. I did my first dance. Niki I’m very sick of the car, “she replied. “Kim, it’s been two hours since you got out of the car,” recalls Kim. “Looking back now, I was much more motion sick than motion sickness … It was like I was on a boat and everything was shaking back and forth.”

Kim took more medicine a few hours later and starred in “Dancing with the Stars.”

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At the end of the show, she and her daughter Briel returned to Atlanta on a red-eye flight. Things got worse when they got home. Kim was paralyzed when he bent over to hug his son, who was on the driveway and was waiting for her.

“My fingers were numb (I thought OMG Kim got into the car and was holding something.) I felt like I was about to fall and there was no way to do it in front of the kids. “She said.

Kim remembers wanting to take his car and tell Briel’s then-boyfriend Slade Osborne that he needed help. “But when I went to talk, I couldn’t,” she said.

Slade realized something was wrong and immediately called Kim’s husband, Croy Biaman. He was playing and practicing at the Atlanta Falcons at the time.

“I remember Croy’s exact words.” Take Kim to the hospital as soon as possible. Count every minute, “Kim said.

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At the hospital, Kim learned that his stroke was caused by a blood clot and that her heart had a hole in it. It was then repaired.

Kim finished her message by thanking everyone involved in her recovery.

“My children, with my husband @kroybiermann [her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ partner] @tonydovolani You guys are rock !! “she wrote.

Sarah Jessica Parker breaks silence about Willie Garson’s death

Source link Sarah Jessica Parker breaks silence about Willie Garson’s death

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