Sandhata, Senior DevOps Consultant, Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is Sandhata’s Senior DevOps Consultant. A consultant specializing in DevOps transformations. One of the company’s recent projects, Vodafone UK, was so successful that it was named to three different awards at this year’s DevOps Excellence Awards: Best Automation Project, Best DevOps Team, and DevOps Project of the Year.

Bronwin gave us a background to our work. Watch the video or read the transcript below for more information.

Please tell us the background of Sandhata.

Hello. My name is Bronwyn Davies. I’m a senior DevOps consultant at Sandhata. So what is Sandhata? We are an award-winning consultancy specializing in DevOps-centric service proposals across the enterprise.

Founded in 2005 with a focus on integrated solutions, we have expanded since then and now offer all aspects of IT transformation, not just DevOps, in addition to mainframe DevOps. From the beginning, DevOps has been part of our work for over 15 years, as we focused on automation and lean principles in all our work.

Highly acclaimed, especially in the financial and telecommunications fields, in addition to its established system integration expertise, it has a very strong experience with mainframes, especially mainframe automation.

When was DevOps introduced to your organization?

Well, from the beginning we’ve always embraced automation and lean thinking in the way we deliver jobs to our clients. As DevOps moves faster, we’ve kept pace with it and evolved the solutions we offer. To keep industry best practices and the latest DevOps thinking up to date. Our professional consultants are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, automate tasks and provide self-service capabilities to our clients.

We are not interested in automating work because we know that as efficiency increases, people have more time available to work on higher value activities and improvements. It really makes a difference in business.

Our high reputation and the prestigious clients we work with help us keep attracting the best talent to our organization. We also use our unique DevOps innovation platform to provide employees with a great opportunity to advance their careers and gain access to experimenting and learning a variety of cutting-edge tools.

Bronwyn Davies is Sandhata’s Senior DevOps Consultant.

What is your entry into the DevOps Excellence Awards 2021?

Therefore, one of the entries for this year’s DevOps Excellence Awards is the DevOps Project of the Year in partnership with one of our clients, Vodafone UK.

This project is called the TIL Transformation Project and is affecting all areas of a large integration team. A dedicated DevOps team designed and delivered a bespoke solution to address delivery process, environment, and complex connectivity challenges.

The project includes a complete CI-CD solution built from scratch, automation of build and deployment, creation of complete regression testing capabilities using an automated framework, creation of a featured service virtualization hub, and much more. Covered the sides of. Simulate an interface system with over 100 APIs

We also designed and built an API directory dashboard as part of this project. This dashboard captures data from a variety of sources and provides a single view for impact analysis showing API configuration details and full connectivity details.

In addition, automated documentation and other self-service tools are included to improve overall team productivity.

Why is DevOps so important to integrated systems?

As a result, most Tier 1 clients have very complex integration requirements due to the high software status. The state of software usually evolves over time, resulting in all the inconsistencies that result from it. Some client integrated systems have over 100 upstream and downstream systems with related challenges. Connection spread and dependencies not available.

In this context, it is very difficult to provide fast and reliable changes, but all other systems rely on them to some extent, so it is important that the integrated system be able to provide changes quickly and reliably. is. If the integrated system cannot keep up with the demand for change, the business will suffer.

DevOps principles focus not only on strengthening collaboration and quick feedback, but also on reducing batch size. In short, DevOps is a key enabler to allow you to make changes to these integrations, as changes can occur more often and with less risk. system.

Sandhata now supports some clients adopting microservices and delivers the benefits of moving to the cloud to reduce batch size and change frequently with fast and reliable feedback. We are supporting you so that you can do it.

What are you working on this year?

This year, we have a lot of plans and projects underway with our clients in the system integration space, such as cloud deployment projects and dashboard projects. We are also planning a complete API management project with one of our clients.

Internally, we will use the DevOps Innovation Platform to build more prototypes and complete solutions, and continue to use the platform for consultant training and activation.

Sandhata, Senior DevOps Consultant, Bronwyn Davies

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