Samsung cuts prices to increase sales of foldable mobile phones

San Ramon, California. – Samsung hopes that cheaper and more durable versions of foldable phones will extend the appeal of high-concept designs that have plagued consumers in the past.

On Wednesday, the electronics giant began work to turn things around with two new products designed to act as phones and two new products designed to act as tablets when hinged outwards. did.

The larger Galaxy Fold 3 boasts a 7.6-inch display when unfolded and will sell for $ 1,800, down 10% from last year’s model. Another device, the Galaxy Flip3, looks like a foldable cell phone, but can be opened from the clamshell position to a 6.7-inch display. It will sell for $ 1,000, more than 25% below the price of last year’s original model.

In addition to the new phone, Samsung also announced the first smartwatch with software designed in collaboration with Google as both companies are trying to catch up with Apple in that part of the wearable technology market.


Since releasing its first foldable phone in 2019, Samsung has been more consumers than keeping older devices until worn out or upgrading to newer models with almost the same. Has promoted this technology as a breakthrough technology that encourages people to get new mobile phones. feature.

However, according to research firm International Data Corporation, foldable phones have had little impact on the smartphone market, with about 2 million devices shipped last year. This is just a small percentage of the approximately 1.3 billion smartphones shipped worldwide last year, IDC said. ..

β€œIt’s the high prices that really curb the mass consumption of these foldable devices,” said IDC analyst Nabila Popal. “Most people really don’t realize the need for it. At least there’s nothing justifying it to fork an extra thousand dollars.”

Popal believes that the low prices of Samsung’s latest foldable phones are still well above the prices most consumers are willing to pay for their phones. That’s one of the reasons IDC predicts that foldable cell phone shipments will increase slightly this year to an estimated 6-7 million units.


In addition to the high price, sales have been curtailed by questions about whether foldable devices can withstand the wear that traditional smartphones normally endure. These concerns cast a shadow over Samsung’s foldable lineup, as the release of the first model was delayed in 2019 to fix screen bulges and display flicker issues.

Samsung is equipped with a state-of-the-art foldable phone with more durable glass and water resistance to reduce the chance of device damage. The foldable cell phone was the first to be compatible with the popular S-Pence stylus and attracted customers accustomed to using digital writing instruments with Samsung’s traditional Note and Galaxy cell phones.

Drew Blackard, vice president of product management at a Korean company, showed that nearly 50 of the top 100 mobile apps are now available in their own format as another sign of advances in foldable phones. I am.

With these improvements, Samsung has turned clamshell mobile phones into marquee products later this year, backed by marketing campaigns celebrating its benefits.


Blackard likens Samsung’s 3rd generation foldable phone to the 3rd generation of its Note phone launched in 2013, recognizing the first ridiculed product lineup to introduce a 5-inch screen smartphone. Changed. Within the following year, Apple released the first model of the iPhone, which is now a standard feature and sets trends with larger screens.

But Apple still doesn’t feel forced to build an iPhone with a foldable screen.

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Samsung cuts prices to increase sales of foldable mobile phones

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