Salmonella Recalled Onions: Recalling Problems in the Second Company

Recalls are a precautionary measure, as red, white, and yellow onions may be infected with Salmonella. Those who have these are encouraged to throw them away.

Onions supplied by the second US company were recalled after a national Salmonella outbreak that affected more than 650 people in 37 states. Onions can last up to 3 months if properly stored, so there is concern that potentially contaminated products may still remain.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, red, yellow, and white onions from Deming’s Keeler Family Farm were sold to restaurants, food service locations, wholesalers, and retailers in all 50 states and District of Columbia. The recall, issued last Friday, took place two days after a similar recall of the same onion from ProSource Produce LLC in Hayley, Idaho.

Onions from Keeler Family Farm were shipped between July 1st and August 25th, 2021. Like the ProSource onions, it was imported from Chihuahua, Mexico.

The onions were distributed in 25-pound and 50-pound mesh bags labeled as MVP (a product of MX).

Those who know that onions came from one of these companies or who do not know the source of the onions are encouraged to throw them away rather than sell or offer them.

Recalls have also been issued by Potandon Produce LLC, HelloFresh and EveryPlate for onions or products containing onions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 652 people have become ill in 37 states. The reported 129 people were admitted to the hospital. There were no dead. However, the CDC said the number of people with the disease could increase if people recovered quickly without the need for medical treatment.

According to the CDC, most people infected with Salmonella experience diarrhea, fever, and gastric spasm. Symptoms usually occur within 6 hours of swallowing the bacteria and most people recover in 4-7 days without treatment.

Children under the age of 5, adults over the age of 65, and people with weakened immunity may experience more serious illnesses that can lead to hospitalization.

This is a list of states where people have reported illness and the number of cases in each state.

  • Alabama-3
  • Arkansas-12
  • California-9
  • Colorado-1
  • Connecticut-4
  • Florida-5
  • Georgia-2
  • Illinois-37
  • Indiana-1
  • Iowa-3
  • Kansas-14
  • Kentucky-9
  • Louisiana-5
  • Maryland-48
  • Massachusetts-12
  • Michigan-9
  • Minnesota-23
  • Mississippi-2
  • Missouri-21
  • Nebraska-8
  • New jersey-5
  • New Mexico-8
  • New York-12
  • North Carolina-14
  • North Dakota-4
  • Ohio-7
  • Oklahoma-98
  • Oregon-2
  • Pennsylvania-7
  • South Carolina-3
  • South Dakota-8
  • Tennessee-10
  • Texas-158
  • Utah-3
  • Virginia-59
  • West Virginia-1
  • Wisconsin-25

Salmonella Recalled Onions: Recalling Problems in the Second Company

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