Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises news ratings

NEW YORK – The cable news audience increased during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Fox News Channel leading the way and CNN showing the most dramatic increases.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC had an average of 6.4 million viewers in prime time between the start of the war last Wednesday and Sunday night. That’s more than its January average of $ 4 million, Nielsen said.

During the full day between Wednesday and Sunday, Fox had an average of 2.32 million viewers, 64% more than the quieter January. CNN’s audience rose from 633,000 in January to 1.75 million last week, up 178 percent. MSNBC had 980,000 for its war coverage, 51% more than January.

Those numbers coincide with a trend: CNN tends to have the most dramatic increases during major news events, while its rivals, more focused on political conversation, are more stable in quiet periods.

In entertainment, the venerable “Law & Order” series returned last week, with 5.8 million people watching the debut of its rebirth last Thursday. That along with “Chicago Fire” and its spin-offs gave prolific producer Dick Wolf four series in Nielsen’s top 12.


CBS won the week in prime time, with an average of 4.5 million viewers. ABC had 3.5 million, NBC 3.4 million, Fox 2 million, Univision 1.7 million, Ion Television 1.1 and Telemundo 1 million.

Fox News Channel led the cable networks with an average of 3.17 million viewers during prime time. CNN had 1.5 million, MSNBC had 1.39 million, ESPN had 1.15 million, and HGTV had 1.1 million.

ABC’s “World News Tonight” won the nightly news ranking with an average of 9 million viewers last week. NBC’s “Nightly News” had $ 7.6 million and CBS Evening News had $ 5.3 million.

For the week of February 21-27, the top 20 prime time programs, their networks and audiences:

1. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 8.36 million.

2. “FBI,” CBS, 7.33 million.

3. “The Equalizer,” CBS, 7.18 million.

4. “Chicago Med,” NBC, 7.13 million.

5. “Young Sheldon,” CBS, $ 6.95 million.

6. “Chicago Fire,” NBC, 6.83 million.

7. “American Idol,” ABC, 6.3 million.


8. “Blue Bloods,” CBS, 6.25 million.

9. “FBI: International,” CBS, 6.13 million.

10. “Chicago PD,” NBC, 6.01 million.

11. “Ghosts,” CBS, 5.85 million.

12. “Law & Order,” NBC, $ 5.8 million.

13. “Danger! University Championship ”, ABC, 5.72 million.

14. “FBI: Most Wanted,” CBS, 5.7 million.

15. “NBC New Special Report: Russia / Ukraine Crisis,” NBC, 5.34 million.

16. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS, 5.23 million.

17. “Magnum PI,” CBS, 5.21 million.

18. “Law and Order: SVU,” NBC, 5.15 million.

19. “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” ABC, 5.14 million.

20. “911: Lone Star,” Fox, 5.13 million.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises news ratings

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