Russia has blocked the Apple App Store, reports

Russia has banned access to Apple’s iOS App store, according to security researchers on Twitter, which means iPhone users in the country will not be able to download and update. news programs or VPNs, unless they have a VPN installed and can process the request. centers of a territory.

The news was reported by security expert and former Tor Project member Runa Sandvik, who said: “Russia has blocked the App Store. That means people can’t install new apps. with news and VPN solutions. I think it’s the app and the software. The new ones are blocked. “

The Apple App Store is accessed via VPN, for example one man The user said he was able to connect to the App Store from abroad using a VPN service provider in Russia.

Others on the social media site said Apple’s policy of not allowing sideloading of apps makes such tasks easier, because users have to go through the App Store. Google Play has been reportedly banned in Russia, but Android users can download and install SDKs from other sources.

On Tuesday, Apple decided to ban all products from selling in Russia from its website – the company does not operate physical stores in the country. Other technology companies worked hard with the country, providing products, services and advertising opportunities for Russia’s state media.

In December, Russia sought to prevent citizens from using the Tor privacy system, blocking the Tor Project system and demanding that ISPs shut down the Tor network service. However, Tor can be accessed through bridges, and the Tor Project said it has seen an increase in traffic from Russia and Ukraine since the attack.

Sandvik said: “A lot of people in Russia and Ukraine are using @torproject talk, get the news, and go around censorship. You can help them set up a Tor bridge “.

The BBC is also owned by Russia, and the Company uses shortwave broadcasts to reach citizens in Russia and Ukraine.

Russia has blocked the Apple App Store, reports

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