Russia detains three more suspicious REvil group members

Ruslan Khansvyarov was detained as a member of the REvil Ransomware Crime Group on suspicion of illegal distribution of payment instruments and is sitting in the defendant’s cage during a court hearing in Moscow, Russia, on January 15, 2022.Distribution via Moscow / REUTERS

January 15, 2022

Moscow (Reuters) – The day after Russia claimed to have dismantled the group at the request of the United States, a Moscow court detained three more suspects of the ransomware criminal group REvil.

The court identified the three men as Mikhail Golovachuk, Ruslan Khansvyarov, and Dmitry Korotayev.

Russian officials detained and prosecuted members of the REVil group this week in a rare and apparent demonstration of US-Russian cooperation during times of heightened tensions between the two countries over Ukraine.

Police and FSB domestic intelligence searched 25 addresses and detained 14 people, the FSB said Friday, listing confiscated assets, including $ 600,000 in computer equipment and 20 luxury cars. ..

The United States welcomed the arrest.

In November, the United States said it was offering up to $ 10 million in incentives for information related to the identities and locations of people who hold important positions in the REvil Group.

A source familiar with the case told Interfax that members of the Russian citizenship group would not be handed over to the United States.

(Report by Andrey Ostroukh and Polina Nikolskaya, edited by Ros Russell)

Russia detains three more suspicious REvil group members

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