Run through F1 in a thrilling title battle

Now is the time to listen to Formula One, in case you’ve slept in the most spectacular seasons for decades.

After 21 races, the championship battle is over as F1 screams for the finale of the title-decision season in Abu Dhabi. This is the first time a championship leader has participated in a drive on the final Sunday since 1974. This is a match between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The first driver to cross the finish line will be the champion.

The Hamilton title marks his eighth championship and breaks the tiebreaker with F1 legend Michael Schumacher. Verstappen’s victory was his first title, and his taskmaster’s father, Joss, was the best achievement he never achieved in his own F1 career, including Stint as Schumacher’s teammate.

The producers of Netflix’s documentary Drive to Survive, which has exploded in popularity over the last few years, must be spitting on the final script.


Hamilton and Verstappen ran punched all year round, competing against each other beyond the limits of the track’s sanity, leaving the track and allowing each team to participate in fierce public competitions for almost anything. Red Bull accused Hamilton of “desperate movement” and “dangerous driving” when he sent Verstappen to the hospital for evaluation in contact at Silverstone this season, when he crashed in Monza after four races. Neither was injured. And Verstappen’s car landed on Hamilton’s Mercedes.

Verstappen’s ninth win of the season in Mexico City a month ago gave him a 19-point lead in title race standings and clear control. After winning the last four championships, Hamilton has won three consecutive victories, following Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, even as Verstappen moves up.


The first F1 visit to Saudi Arabia was a comedy of mistakes and indecision. The race featured a fourth standings in F1 history, two red flag stops, and multiple safety cars. Five drivers crash from the race, Red Bull is given a strange chance during the race to negotiate Verstappen’s penalty, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff infuriates the headset, Hamilton crashes behind his rivals. But somehow I won the race.

Hamilton called Verstappen “a (swearing) crazy man” on his radio during the race, and Verstappen declined to elaborate on his criticisms of Sunday’s civil servants.

“I don’t want to waste too much time because I don’t have to make headlines,” the Dutch sniffed. “They (stewards) don’t deserve it.”

The two drivers are no more different on and off course.

Hamilton, 37 in January, is the only black driver in F1 and has spent much of the last two years using his global platform to tackle social and racial justice. He spoke openly about human rights issues during the end of the F1 three-race season stretch in the Middle East, wearing a helmet to support the LBG TQ + community while raising awareness of the law on homosexuality, and Hamilton being a black man. Monza attends Metgara who bought the entire table to assist fashion designers.


As he rides Mercedes and chases history, his activism becomes secondary.

Verstappen is only 24 and the edges are a little unpolished. He is less controversial and prefers video game and simulator time to flashy balls and parties. This season, Wolff is unaware of the fears of the proposed track and shows that one candidate may take the other to decide the championship.

After Sunday’s victory in Saudi Arabia, Hamilton repeatedly referred to his vast F1 experience and record of seven titles. It could have been a gamemanship — the Verstappen championship battle took place in a lower division, and Hamilton was able to try to gain an edge by shaking the confidence of his rivals.

However, the two seem to have different racing rules. Saudi Arabia’s Verstappen cut the corner and jumped to the top, but was later ordered to return to the position as a penalty, and when Hamilton slowed down to allow him to overtake, Hamilton hit behind Red Bull instead. ..


The two were sitting side by side at a press conference after the race, so their eyes weren’t eye-catching yet.

“In my understanding, I know I can’t overtake someone to stay off course,” Hamilton said. I guess. “

Verstappen was unflinching.

“I think I’ve been talking more about white lines and penalties lately than actually a proper F1 race,” Verstappen said.

Come to Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Hamilton was the five-time winner, and Verstappen led all 55 laps with an overwhelming victory last year. The two try to solve themselves without the involvement of race control. Both teams are ready.

Christian Horner, Principal of the Red Bull Team, said: “There was one shot and it was time to take it.”



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Run through F1 in a thrilling title battle

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