Round Rock ISD Junior Nail SAT, Perfect 1600

Round Rock, Texas — A typical image of the surface of Mars taken with a camera is 11.2 gigabits. Tracking stations on Earth can receive data from spacecraft at data rates of 3 megabits per second for up to 11 hours a day. If 1 Gigabit equals 1,024 megabits, what is the maximum number of typical images a tracking station can receive from a camera per day?

Don’t know the answer? that’s OK.

Round Rock ISD has students who do so most certainly.

The district announced that this year McNeil High School’s Junior Vinton scored a perfect SAT score of 1600.

“After leaving the SAT, I wasn’t very confident in getting the perfect score,” Vinh said. “The test was much more difficult than I thought it would be in a mock test.”

According to the district, Vinh began preparing for college entrance exams during the winter vacation, completed a number of mock exams, and paid close attention to the time spent on each question.

Vinh said grammar and reading were the subjects he felt most unprepared, but he trusted McNeil’s teacher for overcoming his hump.

“My teacher prepared me for the exam,” Vinh said. “I think they are all great and have a lot of dedication to their students. Their dedication helps me understand what I expect from the test and what they are trying to teach me. Motivated me to study and thank. “

So what’s next for Vinh? He hopes his perfect score will qualify for next year’s National Merit Scholarship. He accepts attending local colleges, but also explores Stanford University and Harvard University. He is considering a career in health sciences.

“Vin makes me a better teacher. He is anxious to continue expanding his knowledge base,” said English teacher Deborah Palmer. “It’s all Vin. He’s great, great, and working hard.”

Round Rock ISD Junior Nail SAT, Perfect 1600

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