Rosie O’Donnell’s New Jersey mansion is demolished after being sold for loss


The former “SMILF” star’s 6-bedroom and 9-bathroom dwellings on the Saddle River are expected to collapse into a series of affordable residential units.

Rosie O’Donnell Say goodbye to Saddle River, my home in New Jersey. After the former “SMILF“The star reportedly sold the mansion for a loss of $ 1 million, and it was revealed that the 6-bedroom and 9-bathroom homes would be demolished for a new project.

After the collapse, the 59-year-old home will be transformed into a series of affordable housing units through a groundbreaking trial settlement with the Fairshare Housing Center. Unfortunately, the New York Post reported that the deal offended high-end residents.

Saddle River officials have told outlets that they want to adapt the affordable housing requirements of the autonomous region, sources living in the neighborhood. However, sources claimed that local developer Saddle River Investors intervened and their intervention was only “insulting the injury.”

According to a fair housing court settlement between the Saddle River Autonomous Region and the Fairshare Housing Center in New Jersey, 60 units are said to be built on Rosie’s five-acre site. Only 20 percent of them are used in affordable homes.

“Developers are planning to separate the units rather than integrate them with high-density apartments,” the insider further spilled. “Only eight are set for low and middle income, and instead of consolidating, developers stick eight units to the back corner of the property, so these are preserved homes for the poor. Everyone knows that there is. ”

Other residents have also blamed the autonomous region’s agreement with Fairshare Housing. They argued that “it makes no sense and creates a further gap between the richest and the least.” [wealthiest]… there isn’t even public transport here! ”

Rosie is said to have purchased real estate for $ 6.3 million in 2013. However, she was able to sell for $ 5.3 million on March 17, after five years of market launch. She moved to the $ 8 million luxury New York City Penthouse in Midtown. Her new location has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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