Ronnie Ortiz Tuna Avoids Prosecution In Domestic Violence Cases

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has not been charged with his recent domestic violence case, but was still able to see prison time.

TMZ reported on May 13 that a law firm in Los Angeles would not prosecute him for misdemeanor, but whether he violated the probation he received after a domestic case with his ex-girlfriend in 2019. Jen Harley will hold a hearing next month to make a decision. The website says prison time is a “real possibility.”

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On April 22, Ronnie was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of a domestic case with her girlfriend Safia Matos. Shortly thereafter, Safia, who reportedly called 911 during the incident, said some reports of the arrest were “misleading.” Ronnie later thanked him for his “real friends” who had never “betrayed” him. Since then, he has kept his Instagram account private.

On May 3, Ronnie was reported to avoid charges of serious crime in a new case.

“As a result of further investigation, both the LA District Attorney’s Office and the LA City Attorney’s Office have determined that criminal accusations against Ronnie are not justified in connection with the April incident,” said a reality check star lawyer. I am very pleased with what I have done. ” “We will consider and respond to allegations of probation claims. Ronnie personally seeks treatment for psychological problems that he has long ignored. His present The only goal of is to deal with these issues professionally. Be able to be the best father for yourself, a better person, and his beloved daughter. “

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Last year, Ronnie made a plea bargain in the 2019 case, and he had three years of probation and had to keep his nose clean. During that 2019 incident, a reality TV star reportedly chased his ex-Jen with a knife at a moment of anger and threatened to kill her. At one point, police said they had taken their then-one-year-old daughter Ariana from Jen and locked her in a rented house. Police eventually broke the door, tasted Ronnie, and handcuffed him.

The post that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro avoided prosecution for domestic violence was first posted on Wonderwall.com.

Ronnie Ortiz Tuna Avoids Prosecution In Domestic Violence Cases

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