Ron DeSantis wept to Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Roberts of the Supreme Court for the lack of a “spine”

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis said, “Backbone, as Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Judge John Roberts of the Supreme Court upheld a liberal judge to uphold President Byden’s obligation to vaccine medical workers. I accused him of not having it.

The Supreme Court issued a long-awaited decision on Thursday to block Biden’s order to require companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly. However, the High Court has granted an order requiring federal-funded facilities to instruct employees to be vaccinated.

“On the nurse’s and doctor’s duties, Roberts and Kavanaugh worked with the liberals to authorize the nurse’s mission,” DeSantis said during a guest appearance on Friday’s “ruthless” podcast.

“So this is what’s happening, think about how crazy this is,” he continued. “Currently, there are people working in Florida because they protect nurses, but in other states they have fired unvaccinated nurses.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Judges John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh “have no backbone” to decide to allow Byden’s medical vaccines to be mandated.

The court ruled in 6-3 that it denied the federal obligations to private employers and in 5-4 that it could maintain the obligations of federal-funded medical facilities.

The court’s decision is not the final decision regarding health care obligations. Twenty-seven states have petitioned the Supreme Court to issue a continuation of the rule while being disputed in the lower courts.

DeSantis said hospitals in places like California allow Covid-positive nurses to return to work due to staff shortages.

“Therefore, they have reinstated COVID-positive people, have not been vaccinated, may have immunity due to previous infections, and healthy nurses have been dismissed,” said Governor Sunshine. Continued. “How crazy are these policies?”

“But to be honest, Roberts and Kavanaugh didn’t have the backbone of that decision,” DeSantis said. “It’s just a profit.”

DeSantis already signed a bill in November banning vaccination requirements in the state unless employers offer a wide range of tax exemptions.

“I called a special session of Congress in November and provided protection so I wouldn’t lose my job in these shots in Florida,” DeSantis said in a podcast. “You have the right to work.”

DeSantis said Thursday after SCOTUS’s ruling, it would enforce Florida law banning private employers’ vaccination obligations and civil servant requirements.

“We will confirm that it will be enforced and will provide protection to people so that unconstitutional and truly unruly federal orders do not ruin their lives.” DeSantis Said.

However, Mary Mayhew, chairman and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association, said Medicare and Medicaid-funded centers could implement vaccine obligations for their employees.

According to Florida Politics, formerly working in the DeSantis administration, Mayhue said, “Hospitals are obliged to continue to comply with the terms of participation in the program and must comply with this federal vaccine requirement currently endorsed by the Supreme Court. It must not be. ”

The hospital is currently being captured during an ongoing feud between Biden and DeSantis, Mayhew said. “Federal preemptions on Florida law may still need clarification from the courts.” rice field.

Biden, meanwhile, called the Supreme Court’s ruling on the mission of a private employer “disappointment,” but touted the medical mission as “saving lives.” He urged private companies to request vaccination by their own consensus.

“This urgent standard allowed employers to be tested weekly and to request vaccination or for workers to refuse vaccination as long as they were wearing masks at work. It’s a very light burden, “the president insisted.

As a result of the court’s decision, state and individual employers are now able to ensure that employees are as safe as possible in the workplace, and the simple and effective way to vaccinate employees during this pandemic. Steps.

Thirteen states, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, have banned or restricted vaccination requirements, but many companies, including Macy’s and Starbucks, have already announced measures for their employees.

Democratic-led states such as New York, which have their own powers, are unaffected and can maintain the rules, but states without rules can decide for themselves.

Ron DeSantis wept to Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Roberts of the Supreme Court for the lack of a “spine”

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