Romania’s “Castle of Dracula” Offering Free Vaccines

The castle, which is said to have stimulated Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” will now offer the COVID-19 vaccine. Bran Castle in Romania, often referred to as Dracula Castle, provides visitors with a free Pfizer vaccine every weekend in May, the BBC reports.

This site certainly enjoys promoting vaccination. Healthcare professionals can see a fang sticker on them, and signs featuring ferocious teeth replaced by needles can be seen throughout the site.

Visitors can appear without reservation and also receive free admission to the medieval torture equipment castle exhibit.

At the Vaccination Marathon at Bran Castle in Bran Village on May 8, 2021, people wearing protective masks walk by a banner showing a syringe as a vampire fang.

Daniel Mihailesk via Getty Images / AFP

The impetus for increasing Romanian immunization is that the country has promised to immunize at least 10 million people by September. According to Reuters, the country has been vaccinated about 5.8 million times so far. Romania has a total population of 19.41 million.

However, this country boasts one of the highest vaccine repellent rates. According to a survey by the Slovak think tank Globesec, almost half of the population does not want to be vaccinated.

As the BBC points out, authorities hope to benefit both the vaccination rate and the number of tourists at Bran Castle, as the number of visitors to the castle has decreased recently due to the pandemic.

Romania’s “Castle of Dracula” Offering Free Vaccines

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