Roku will add 23 more Quibi shows to pursue its own content strategy

Roku IPO at Nasdaq on September 28, 2017.

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Roku announced on Monday that it will add 23 shows from Quibi to its “original” collection as it seeks to build on its ad-supported content strategy.

The show includes more content purchased from the now obsolete streaming service, including four that have never been aired. Roku said it acquired more than 75 show rights from Quibi in January. It debuted 30 of those shows in May.

The new show will include a 10-part documentary “What Happens in Hollywood” and a competition series “Eye Candy” hosted by Josh Groban.The show will be streamed in the US, Canada and the UK from August 13th

The company has licensed content from other media companies and has also purchased programs for Roku Channel, such as “This Old House,” which it acquired earlier this year. Make money by selling ads to your shows.

Needham analysts said in a note last week that Roku’s content goal is to maintain an ad-supported video-on-demand business model without negatively impacting the gross profit from content creation.

Analysts write that Roku Channel “continues to expand its reach by expanding its niche.” “Total streaming time has doubled [The Roku Channel] In the second quarter of 2009, driven by the flywheel to create new Roku originals, it has the effect of increasing viewing time, attracting new advertisers, increasing ad turnover, and Roku investing in new original content. there is. ”

Needham analysts said the original is attracting new advertisers to Roku.

Analysts at Evercore ISI said they hope Roku will continue to have the opportunity to purchase content to earn more Internet TV advertising budgets.

“But these investments should act as a powerful moat of product differentiation and can lead to Roku’s superior pricing power over time,” they write.

Roku reported last week that second-quarter revenue was better than expected, but second-quarter streaming time was down one billion hours from the first quarter of 2021.

Roku will add 23 more Quibi shows to pursue its own content strategy

Source link Roku will add 23 more Quibi shows to pursue its own content strategy

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