Roadside bombings kill 11 people in the north

Kabul – A minivan carrying civilian passengers was hit by a street bomb in northwestern Afghanistan, killing at least 11 passengers, including three children, Afghan officials said Sunday.

The impact of the Saturday explosion caused the minivan to fall into the valley, said Governor Hezamdin Shams of Badgis, adding that rescue teams are still looking for bodies in the valley.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but the state government accused the Taliban of launching a bomb targeting security forces. There was no immediate response from the Taliban.

Bombs and land mines are scattered throughout the vast areas of Afghanistan that have been devastated by the war. Many were set up by rebels to target government convoys, but often killed civilians instead.

The United Nations has repeatedly called on both government forces and the Taliban to take more precautions to protect civilians. In the first three months of this year, a UN mission in Afghanistan announced that 1,783 civilians were killed or injured in Afghanistan. This is a 29% increase over the same period last year.


Violence occurred when the U.S. Peace Envoy to Zalmei Harilzado Afghanistan and a delegation of the National Security Council and the Pentagon visited the area and began a new series of talks between the Taliban and the government. It was. They were to meet in Kabul and Doha, Qatar, urging both sides to reach a political solution.

Negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan representatives began in Doha last September and continued earlier this year. However, the Taliban announced on April 13 that it would not attend any conference aimed at determining the future of Afghanistan until all foreign troops were gone.

President Joe Biden announced the day before that all US troops would leave Afghanistan by September 11.

State officials in northern Faryab announced on Sunday that the Caesar district had fallen into Taliban combatants.

State Legislature Secretary Mohammad Tahir Rrahmani told The Associated Press that state police chief Saiful Rahman had died in combat along with seven other police officers. Like many Afghans, Saiful Rahman was called by one name.


According to Rahmani, the district had already fallen, but police officers at police headquarters were resisting. He said the Taliban had taken 37 police hostages.

A local police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said the police headquarters, as well as major markets and city halls, had fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

The Taliban did not immediately comment on control of the Kaisar district, but the Taliban and Afghan government defense and security forces are expanding their operations against each other.

Also on Sunday, Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz said the roadside bomb explosion in eastern Kabul targeted civilian vehicles that injured three people.

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Roadside bombings kill 11 people in the north

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