Ringling Circus will return in 2023 without animals

Instead, the circus will focus on creating a “360-degree experience” to connect audiences with artists through new technologies.

PALMETTO, Fla. – “The Greatest Show on Earth” officially returns in 2023, this time without one of its most controversial elements.

Feld Entertainment, the Palmetto-based company that owns and operates the show, has announced the long-awaited return of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on Wednesday.

The new show will premiere in the fall of 2023. But the balance lions, tigers and elephants that you can normally associate with the circus will not appear under the renovated tent.

Instead, the public can expect to see world-class stunts through a “360-degree experience” that uses new technologies to “break down barriers between artists and attendees,” the entertainment company wrote in a statement.

“We’re going to take the audience to the show in a 360-degree environment that will surround them with sound and include first-generation content,” said Juliette Feld Grossman, chief operating officer of Feld Entertainment. and producer of “The Greatest Show On Earth,” he said in a video announcing the return.

The company is currently in search of local talent, conducting live auditions in countries such as Ethiopia, France, Mongolia, Argentina and the United States.

“We are innovating every aspect of live entertainment and modernizing the franchise to create an attractive property that is built for today’s families and will last another 150 years,” Kenneth Feld, president and CEO of Feld Entertainment, wrote in a statement.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed their curtains in 2017 after entertaining audiences around the world for 146 years. The decision came amid struggles with declining attendance, declining attention span and shifting social pressure caused by activists arguing that animals were mistreated.

A year before closing, the circus withdrew the elephants from their performances and, according to Feld Entertainment, ticket sales plummeted. The company had been fighting animal rights activists for years in costly legal skirmishes, even winning a $ 15.75 million sentence against them in 2015. But the circus eventually lost the biggest fight with public opinion.

Retired circus elephants lived in a Polk County conservation area for several years before moving to a shelter in Yulee.

When Feld first proclaimed an animal-free return in September 2021, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals showed support for the renewed program. Following Wednesday’s announcement, PETA decided to give Ringling the circuses.com web domain, which the animal rights group had previously used to talk about animal abuse in circuses.

“Ringling is returning with a bang, turning Earth’s saddest spectacle into a dazzling display of human ingenuity after 146 years of animal cruelty. towards talented human professionals who choose to act, “PETA wrote in a statement.

Ringling Circus will return in 2023 without animals

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