Rihanna is still confused with her next “experimental” album

There was a time when Rihanna’s album appeared like a clockwork every year. Between 2005 and 2012, she released seven studio albums and two remix LPs and stayed on the air for a long time.More than 3 years it took her to put out Anti Rewarded for one of the finest pop records of the last decade, the well has been depleted since then as she focused on dominating other business ventures as before. Billboard chart.

Therefore, Rihanna’s ninth studio album is usually R9, It has reached a rare position as one of the most promising projects in recent memory. Detox what? Chinese democracy Who? She’s busy creating a (comprehensive) empire of make-up and fashion to match her $ 1 billion net worth, but breadcrumbs about what the next album will sound like. There is no doubt that you will drop one or two lists.

The latest one has appeared in This week’s interview In her Savage X Fenty Show, she said: Keep that in mind. What you know about Rihanna will not be what you hear, “she said. “I’m really experimental and music is like fashion. You should be able to play. You should be able to wear whatever you like and treat music as well.”

Well, that quote is a departure from the little things we’ve heard about the album so far. The “experimental” promise sounds like the splitting third album of her boyfriend A $ AP Rocky. test, I saw a New York rapper boldly break into an unexpected sound, but it wasn’t always rewarding.

Compare it with one of the earliest and most fascinating ones R9 A little information from May 2018 that Rihanna said trend She wanted to make a reggae album, but the interviewer hinted at the potential influence of legendary Jamaican producer Supa Dups, who worked on Rihanna’s early songs. Music of the Sands “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)”, and the Kardinal Offishall and Drake tracks featuring her.This was backed up by Rolling stone In addition to Supa Dups, Kranium, R. Musicians such as City and Ricky Blaze all claim to have contributed. R9..

“All Jamaican or Jamaican artists, all producers, all songwriters have worked on it. [Rihanna‚Äôs album] There are few pieces of publishing or production credit, “a source told the magazine.

Rihanna seems to have confirmed another reggae atmosphere trend Conversation a year later. “I like to see it as a reggae-inspired or reggae-inspired album,” Rihanna said. “It wouldn’t be typical of what you know as reggae, but you’ll feel the elements of every track.” When the reporter asked about the release date, Rihanna said her “Navy-my scary”. “Fans” were willing to offend them a bit, but replied that they would not be completely satisfied with the question raised.

In December 2019, Rihanna posted a video on House of Pain’s “Jump Around” where a sloppy white dog would definitely be back wild. R9 Refuse to release it yourself. She is also not shy about how much fun it is to twist a knife.

In an interview in February 2020 Entertainment tonight, She talked about the twisted satisfaction that comes from making fun of people about the next record. “I like to be a little hostile to the fans. Well, they are also hostile to me! So they’ll get it back soon,” she said. She was once again mysterious in March 2020. British epidemic A cover story that claims she is “very active in new music” but refuses to share many details.

Rihanna is still confused with her next “experimental” album

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