Rewinding Broncos, Browns meets the season going off course

Cleveland – One of the starting quarterbacks is dragging and the other is putting his arm in the sling. There are injuries above and below both rosters, and the two coaches are feeling external pressure. One is the first time.

Denver Broncos has been smashed, involved and eager to win. Same as Cleveland Browns.

Two teams with a history of meaningful game meetings (three AFC Championships from 1986 to 1990) will be squared on Thursday night. In this match, your October stakes will be much higher than usual.

“It’s huge. It’s like the cornerstone of the season,” said Browns’ Safety John Johnson III.

Broncos (3-3) and Browns (3-3) both play in the match with serious injury problems. In particular, Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield and Denver’s Teddy Bridgewater, who have shoulder injuries, deal with leg and limb issues.

The Browns lost two straights for the first time under Kevin Stefanski, starting 53 straights at Texas Tech since 2013, and no Mayfield has missed the match due to injury. Mayfield’s injury affected his play and pushed Cleveland’s season to an unstable shelf.


Backup Case Keenham will make his first start since 2019. This is nothing new to the 33-year-old Journeyman, who left the Minnesota bench and spent the season 6-10 in Denver.

“I’m made for this,” he said. “This has gone through my entire career of not knowing if it will start until the time of the game so that I don’t know who is with me while I’m calling the play type stuff. I’m excited.”

Keenham does not have a running back for Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, who have calf injuries. It is not yet known if he will be protected by starting a tackle of Jack Conklin (knee) or Jedrick Wills Jr. (ankle).

The injuries that piled up in a short week were complicated for Stefanski. The defense of Stefanski’s suspect and the annoying playcall caused a scrutiny in the second year. The Browns entered the season with very high expectations. They are falling rapidly.


“It’s definitely a short-week winning game,” Johnson said.

Bridgewater was injured when security guard Graham Glasgow stepped on Las Vegas on Sunday when he delivered a touchdown pass to Las Vegas with a depressed 34-24 defeat. Did.

Bridgewater is expected to play — he is listed as suspicious — and he wants to avoid the beatings he receives from the Raiders.

Broncos lost three games in a row, starting 3-0 and losing the team’s confidence.

“I’m sure I’m a little upset. It’s hard not to do that. We have to recover,” said Big Fangio.

Mirror time

Broncos’ edge rusher, Von Miller, called his shot. Due to the fluidity of Cleveland’s tackle situation, Miller predicted he would play a big match — and almost guaranteed Denver’s victory.

“I’m going to play a great game,” he said. “I go there and play well and get two bags.”


Miller laughed and said, “I’m going to kill him and others on the other side,” as to who Browns might use to block him.

Keenham heard Miller’s comment and immediately sent a text message to his previous teammate.

“We’ve reached an agreement that he’s just going out there, not in a hurry in the quarterback,” Keenam joked. “I think we’re good because he kneels on the third down every time.”

College pride

Miller monitors Browns star Myles Garrett (NFL sack leader) at Texas A & M and considers himself a fan.

“It’s my man,” Miller said. “I definitely have to play better than Miles this week. Miles, he’ll do some plays too. He’s a beast.

“I’m in touch with him. That’s exactly what I do when I go to Texas A & M. Aggies takes care of Aggies. I have a lifelong sibling relationship outside the NFL. I’m on and off the football field. I’m a big fan of Myles. I hope he will definitely succeed in the world. “



Fangio was hired as Broncos head coach after his coordinated Bears defense made 36 takeouts in 2018. However, in 38 games as Denver’s head coach, Broncos was forced to turn over six times this season, only 39 times. This is 16½ per year, an average of five predecessors: Vance Joseph (22½), Gary Kubiak (25½), John Foxx (23¼), Josh McDaniels (24) and Mike Shanahan (28). Much lower than.


One of the main reasons for the lack of takeout in Denver is that Miller and Bradley Chubb have played 21 of 54 games together since Broncos drafted Chub on his fifth overall pick in 2018. That is. Chub has played in one game this year and is recovering. From ankle surgery that puts him aside for another month.

“You lose a man like Chub. You don’t plug in or replace talent like him,” said Safety Justin Simmons. “It’s not just his play, his energy, what he brings leadership to the team and defense.”


Burnt secondary

According to Sportradar, Broncos has allowed the Raiders to be the first team to win at least 25 yards in seven pass sprays since at least 1991. That’s certainly not what GM George Peyton was thinking of when he made Broncos’ defense the league’s best reward.

“It’s amazing,” said Ed Donatell, defense coordinator at Broncos. “It’s NFL football and sometimes you’re a little farther away. We were a little further away from the ball. You couldn’t believe our guys more than we. We’re proud. There are such mature men who want to do better for the backend team.

“That’s the focus of the week.”


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Rewinding Broncos, Browns meets the season going off course

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