Review: “White Tiger” is a modern Indian epic | entertainment

However, “The White Tiger” more closely examines and destroys the Hollywood (and Bollywood) stereotypes of Indian life. A self-made hero capable of ruthlessness and selfishness, Balarama is a more complex protagonist, worthy of empathy and contempt. In “White Tiger” he represents the future of India.

“Indian entrepreneurs must be straight, winding, ridiculed and believing, sly and honest,” he says.

Watching Gourav perform such a balancing act is the best reason to see “The White Tiger.” The charisma of Gourav, an actor and singer, animates movies that could otherwise sag with his dominant hand. Baharani is not a light-touch director, but he is still attracted to insensitive subjects.

Baharani uses Paolo Carnera’s vibrant cinematography to create dense, sharp films, but the structure still feels uneven. The film is overwhelming because it is so invested in the spirit of the slave-master relationship between Ballam and his landlord’s hipster son Ashok. As soon as Balram achieves independence through bleeding and Machiavellianguile, “The White Tiger” ends. Maybe it’s too American to say, but it skips the best part.

The Netflix release, The White Tiger, has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association for language, violence, and sexual material. Execution time: 125 minutes. 3 out of 4 stars.

Review: “White Tiger” is a modern Indian epic | entertainment

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