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Published by William Morrow, this cover image shows Faith Jones’ “Sex Cult Nun: Escape from God’s Children, a Wild Radical Religious Cult.”


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New York (AP) — “Sex Cult Nun” by Face Jones (William Morrow)

Faith Jones’ vivid memoir “Sex Cult Nun” records her 23 years in the cult of the infamous children of God and her slow departure journey. Born to a cult in Hong Kong in 1977, Jones was a cult royal family, the granddaughter of leader David Berg.

Children of God, one of the first religious denominations called “sex cults,” have been in the media for many years, including the “Children of God” documentary (1994) and the “Children of the Cult” Discovery Plus series (2021). Has attracted the attention of. ). Actors River Phoenix and Rose McGowan were famous members. And writer Lauren Huff states in her essay book that her experience is “not the hardest part to leave.”

But Jones’ long tenure in the cult and her position as Berg’s granddaughter are unique to her as to why the malicious teachings have involved tens of thousands of people over decades. Gives a point of view. She overcame difficult chores and punishments while playing with friends and animals on a Macau farm where she lived as a child, and talking about being abused and manipulated in the name of “family” time. I remember some happy moments. once again.

Berg was an elusive leader, hiding his whereabouts and communicating his beliefs and followers primarily through illustrated newsletters – Jones had never met her own grandfather. The gospel he preached focused on his complete dedication to his teachings about the Word of God. But Berg’s addition was a “law of love.” In his doctrine, sex is pious and should be encouraged among everyone, including children and adults. When a woman and a girl say no to a member of the family, they are labeled “don’t give in” and mean to go against God.

Review: Leaving God’s Children’Sex Cult’ | Entertainment

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